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📚Available Forms of CBD for Pets

Until decades ago, cannabis was considered an opiate and a dangerous substance. These facts stemmed from the ignorance and insufficient examination of this plant. Nowadays, this stigma is a thing of the past. Hemp is the type of cannabis with the lowest percentage of THC. Over the years, it has become a prized ingredient in the cosmetic industry, medicine, and pharmacy.

The use of hemp-based products is also present in veterinary medicine. Cannabidiol, as a very potent cannabis derivative, has become an integral part of many pet supplement products. The use of CBD as a cure for a particular disease is not yet formalized. Still, as the addition to conventional therapies, it has shown excellent results.

Most pet parents worried about the intoxicating effect of cannabis-derived substances. That's the reason why they hesitated to use products made from them. Don't worry - hemp oil is entirely safe for use and has no psychoactive properties.

All forms of CBD products for animal consumption are made from a full or broad spectrum of CBD (more on these types of cannabidiol find on this source). It means that they do not contain THC, which is eliminated during the refinement process.

Pure CBD Oil or Tinctures

Cannabidiol oil is the best way to provide your pet with a dose of quality cannabidiol. It's the purest form of this hemp derivate. There are no added substances and flavor enhancers). Also, it will be more comfortable for you to give your pet the right dose of cannabidiol. Oils and tinctures most often come in glass bottles that have a dropper. Using it, you can control how much drops your dog or cat should take during the day.

The best way to administer is to drop CBD oil directly into the animal's mouth. If you put a few drops under their tongues, the cannabidiol will quickly enter the bloodstream. It will start working after only a few minutes. If sublingual administration is not possible, try to inject the drops to the bottom of the animal's tongue. Try to do that as close to the throat as possible. This way, your pet will not spit it out.

Pour Oil over Food

With unruly pets, oral administration of CBD oil is not always possible. So you should put it and tinctures into their food, water, or soft and absorbent treats. You can also pour these liquids on a piece of meat, fish, or any home-made meal for your furry buddy. Just make sure it's not too hot.

Cannabidiol oils and tinctures are not subject to heat treatment. At temperatures above 200ºF, cannabidiol molecules begin to fall apart. At high heat, this substance loses its beneficial properties. So don't insert CBD oils into the pet treats you prepare and bake by yourself. Although these are yummy, your furry buddy won't get the best therapeutic effect.

CBD Pills

Capsule-type CBD is also a great way to get your pet a dose of highly concentrated cannabidiol. This form of cannabidiol is most commonly used in bigger animals, such as medium to large dog breeds and even horses (although they are not real pets). It will be easier for them to swallow the pill than with a cat.

In each pill, there is a predetermined amount of cannabidiol, which ease dosage. The concentration of this cannabinoid in these health products for animals varies. You will choose the ones whose single dose suits your pet's needs (considering the animal's health, age, weight).

The problem with pills may be that your pet will not swallow them. They don't taste like treats. That's why you need to be imaginative. 'Pack' a pill into a piece of meat, soft chew, or even in a slice of bread. Do not open capsules and pour their contents into food.

Hard Kibbles

The above-described forms of CBD for pets have the higher concentration of cannabidiol. They have effects as the addition to conventional therapies for treating arthritis, inflammations, cancer, etc. But if your pet is healthy and you want to introduce cannabidiol as a supplement and prevention from diseases, treatibles are a more convenient solution.

Yet, keep in mind that treats generally contain lower concentrations of cannabidiol than oils and capsules. These quantities are usually not enough when your dog or kitten is seriously ill. They need a high dose of this cannabinoid daily, so pure cannabidiol is a better solution. CBD kibbles can prevent anxiety and increased fear in animals.

One thing to note is that cannabidiol should be injected into kibbles after baking (because of the already mentioned decomposition of CBD at high temperatures). Since this is generally not indicated on the treat packaging, it is best to call the customer support of the manufacturer and find out about this.

Soft Chews

Cannabidiol is an excellent supplement in the diet and treatment of older pets. This ingredient relieves many unpleasant symptoms of aging. Your senior dog or cat won't suffer joint pain, painful movement, cognitive disorders, etc. Older animals often have problems with teeth and chewing. The best solution for them is soft chews.

Below, find out about more reasons why senior pets should use hemp-based products:


These yummy soft treats are often enriched with extra nutrients. They also have natural flavors for more craveable taste. The CBD concentration in these products varies, so you can adjust the serving size to your pet.

Is ‘Human’ CBD Safe for Animals?

All hemp-based products are safe, but there are differences between those made for humans and animals. For products intended for human consumption, a certain percentage of THC in CBD products (up to 0.3%) is allowed. CBD for animals shouldn't contain this psychoactive cannabinoid.

In general, it is safe to give animals a 'human' CBD. But, adhere to the rule of THC-free product and adjust the dose to the animal. Yet, sometimes this can be too complicated and demanding. So if you want the best for your furry buddy, get them quality cannabidiol in one of the pet-friendly forms.

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