Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Reviews: The Solution To Your Sleepless Nights!

best mattress for stomach sleepers

Sometimes finding the best mattress that suits your sleeping position can be quite tricky. Not all the mattresses on the market are designed to offer you the same comfort for your sleeping position. However, best mattress for stomach sleepers has incorporated the latest technology in its design such as to enhance comfort, reduce noise, and motion disturbance for the stomach sleepers. Sleep comfortably at night without having to worry about tossing, turning or twisting on the best mattress for stomach sleeper with lower back pain.

These mattresses vary in thickness and brand, but they all have one thing in common, they are made of dense foam which may be either memory foam or latex. If you are a stomach sleeper, you should look out for these mattresses. Pregnant stomach sleepers, are advised to be careful while selecting the best stomach sleeper mattress. There is so much to select from, but quality cannot be overemphasized. Any mattress designed for stomach sleepers should be comfortable, durable and noise-redundant.

There are a number of manufactured brands of mattresses for stomach sleepers, and this guide is intended to help you choose the best amongst them. The best mattresses for stomach sleepers are listed below.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Comparison

best stomach sleeper mattress

Tuft And Needle

Features: 5/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Durable and comfortable

stomach sleeper mattress reviews

Dreamfoam Bedding

Features: 3/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Mattress rich in features and design

best mattress for stomach sleeper with lower back pain

Life Home

Features: 3/5

Durability: 5/5

The Highlight:

Reduces motion disturbance

best mattress for stomach sleepers

Signature Sleep

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

7 inch gauges for weight distribution

best stomach sleeper mattress

Brentwood Home

Features: 5/5

Durability: 2/5

The Highlight:

Free of flammable compounds

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Stomach Sleeper Mattress

These stomach sleeper mattress reviews are intended to highlight what every product has or offers that is different from the others. As a stomach sleeper, you understand how frustrating a hard mattress can be. You keep on tossing and turning in bed, as you try to get into the best sleeping position.

With stomach sleeper mattresses, you get a good night’s sleep comfortably lying on your stomach. When sleeping in this position, your body weight is concentrated on your stomach, so you need a mattress that will be able to absorb all this weight and distribute it evenly through the foam.

Care should be taken when choosing the right mattress for your sleeping position. Pregnant women and those who suffer from chronic back pains should take extra consideration. However, all these mattresses are best suited to serve your sleeping purposes as a stomach sleeper. The designs and type of foam used supports sleeping on your stomach.

These mattresses are mainly designed for adults and therefore may be inappropriate for kids under a certain age bracket. If you have very young kids, you should opt to buy them softer stomach sleeper mattresses that will be gentle on their body

Stomach Sleeper Mattress Reviews

  • Relief from pressure
  • ​Bounce effect
  • ​Highly durable
  • ​May be used without a bed
  • ​Supports all sleeping positions
  • ​Moderately firm
  • Has a money back guarantee

The Tuft and Needle mattress for stomach sleepers is ideal because of the design used in its manufacture. A product of Tuft and Needle, a leading manufacturer of the best mattress for stomach sleepers, the company has astonished the market with yet another quality product. If you are looking for a decent product for your sleeping position as a stomach sleeper, the Tuft and Needle products is a good place to start.

The Tuft and Needle queen mattress is 10 inches thick to absorb and distribute all the weight imposed on it. The mattress is heavy due to its dense foam which ensures that it stays supportive of your weight without easily wearing out. The Tuft and Needle mattress for stomach sleepers has a host of features which makes it a worthy consideration when looking for the best stomach sleeper mattress.

The Tuft and Needle is designed to offer you pressure relief. This is intended to enhance the quality of sleep. The bounce effect comes handy especially since it is designed to support your night activities. The bounce effect also ensures that your partner is not woken up, when you cause motion sounds while waking up.

You will be happy to know that the Tuft and Needle mattress is one of the few which comes with 100% night trial and the shipment can be returned after 100 days of receiving the item. This ensures that you do not spend so much money on an expensive commodity that does not meet your expectations.

  • USA made components
  • ​Allows contouring
  • ​Tri-zone feature
  • ​Highest quality standard
  • ​Multi-purpose
  • ​Perfect for any sleeping position
  • ​Lighter for convenient handling and shipping
  • Thicker compared to most mattresses

The Dreamfoam Bedding mattress is a considerable mattress designed to support all sleeping positions. The product is uniquely designed with layers of tri-zone foam to enhance sleep. It is perhaps one of the few products to incorporate the tri-zone design architecture. With its design, one can expect to get a product that is gentle to the body and soothing for sleep.

For stomach sleepers and any other positions of sleeping, this mattress should be a good match for you. If you are able to afford this product, you may not find another one with such rich features at such a moderate price. For those who like saving, you may have to watch out for other relatively cheaper alternatives.

This mattress for stomach sleepers has quite some extensive features. These features are designed with a purpose; to promote a healthy sleep and maintain comfort throughout the night. The mattress is neither too soft nor too firm- this ensures that you don’t wake up feeling as if you slept on a rock.

It is designed to be moderately soft to offer sufficient support to your body weight. All the components used in the manufacture of the Dreamfoam Bedding mattress are US made which guarantees the highest standards of quality.

The contouring offered by this mattress evenly distributes pressures on all your pressure points. Moreover, there is minimum sleep interruption by your partner’s movement made so by the elimination of motion transfer by the tri-zone foam core. This is especially crucial if one of you constantly wakes up during the night, or if you have different sleeping schedules.

  • 15 gauge pocket coils
  • ​Layering of polyester and quality foam
  • ​Fits standard bed frames
  • ​Compressed and rolled
  • ​Highly affordable
  • ​Lightweight for convenient shipping and handling
  • ​Made to support your vertebrae
  • Wears out relatively fast

The Life Home mattress is a lightweight mattress weighing only 35 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest mattresses with all the necessary features to support a stomach sleeping position. It is designed to fit any standard full bed frame. The manufacturer claims to meet all your sleep expectations due to the sophisticated designed used in the manufacturing of the Home Life mattress. The mattresses are supposedly intended to enhance a healthy sleeping habit.

This might be the best mattress for stomach sleeper with lower back pain as it is meant to improve your sleep. It is intended to eliminate the constant tossing and turning in bed. The pocket springs are meant to absorb and distribute any disturbances generated on the surface of the mattress. This ensures that your movements are not felt by the person sleeping next to you as this could interrupt their sleep.

The Life Home mattress has layers of polyester in addition to quality foam. These layers are also placed at the top and bottom of the mattress. The reason for this is to provide sufficient comfort when sleeping on your stomach. Before shipping, the mattress is compressed and then rolled to easily be handled and transported.

  • Designed with top and bottom layers of foam
  • ​Low emission of VOC
  • ​CertiPur Us Certification
  • ​Less flammable
  • ​Compressed and rolled for easy handling
  • ​High quality foam used
  • ​Relatively light
  • Eliminates motion disturbance

The feeling of the refreshment you get is not always the same when you sleep on different mattresses. The Signature Sleep contour is a mattress with an impressive architecture to facilitate a good night's sleep especially for stomach sleepers.

This best mattress for stomach sleepers has all the basic features of a mattress ideal for stomach sleepers. However, if you are sensitive to some compounds, you may need to re-evaluate the substitute compounds used in place of flame retardants and the many other compounds the mattress is devoid of.

The coils inside this Signature Sleep mattress should not be allowed to create impressions on your stomach when you sleep. For this reason, the mattress is designed with layers of foam at the top as well as the bottom.

The 7 inch gauges are intended for weight distribution. This comes in handy especially if you are of a large body type and your weight could cause depressions on one side of the mattress. The gauges will distribute all the weight on the surface equally through the mattress so that depressions do not occur on one part of the mattress.

The Signature Sleep mattress is environmentally friendly. This is evidence by the low emission of VOC, which preserves the quality of indoor air. In addition to this, the mattress does not contain chemical compounds such as ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, or any other heavy metals. This helps to protect your health.

  • A gel memory foam, 3.5 inches thick
  • ​A bamboo zipper that is removable
  • ​CertiPur US Foams
  • ​Has ventilated airflow foam
  • ​Thickness enhances comfort and durability
  • ​Regulates heat and temperature
  • ​Reduces motion disturbance
  • Comes with a 25 year warranty

Brentwood Home boasts of some of the best quality mattresses on the market. Years of operation has allowed it to enhance the quality of its products. Here is one such product that promises to turn tossing and turning in bed to a thing of the past. Although the product comes with a hefty price tag, you can sleep comfortably. It does not impede on your health because of the moderation achieved in the compressibility of the foam.

This bamboo mattress is a good fit for stomach sleepers as well as for the pregnant stomach sleepers who are looking for a comfortable mattress. For those who have small beds and are looking to save on cash, this mattress may not be ideal for you due to the hefty price tag. Other cheaper alternatives may be more appropriate.

The features incorporated in the design of the Brentwood Home bamboo mattress are intended to give it an edge over the competitors. It does a pretty good job by the way. For instance, we have the gel memory foam. This foam enhances pressure relief than most mattresses wouldn’t. The gel foam also align your spine- something rarely found in other mattresses.

The removable zipper regulates heat and maintains the temperature when you are asleep. The zipper is lined with the New Zealand wool wicks moisture. This is intended to prevent odor since it is naturally microbial. The Brentwood bamboo mattress protects your health because it is made free of harmful chemical compounds. For stomach sleepers, this mattress should hopefully provide you with a comfortable feel.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleeper With Lower Back Pain: The Bottom Line

Lack of proper sleep can result into serious health complications and even inflammations. Sleeping in the wrong position may result into too much pressure being applied on one area of your body. Very firm mattresses can form impressions on your body. This is why finding the best mattress for stomach sleepers are recommended for those of us who sleep on our stomachs. These mattresses help to distribute weight and provide a pressure relief.