Black and White Bedding Sets That Will Make Your Room Look Great

Timeless and contemporary, black and white bedding sets are popular for a reason. They come in a huge variety but have one thing in common: they will look great in any room. Being so popular there is huge variety available. In terms of price you can not beat the online products. 

Deciding between black and white bedding sets online can be difficult. How can you decide without actually feeling the product? ​Well to make it easier for you we have researched what is available. From this we have selected our top picks to make your life easy.

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What to look for when choosing black and white bedding sets

There are various factors to consider when deciding between black and white bedding sets:

  • What's included in the set. Some sets include just the basics whereas some come with every imaginable pillow. Decide whether you are going for a simple new look or want a fully featured bed straight out of a magazine.
  • The material of the bedding. Generally this will mean a choice between cotton and polyester.
  • The quality of the stitching. The durability of your bedding will be highly dependent on the stitching. While many product descriptions do not include this information, you can have a look through the customer reviews to find out.
  • Whether the cover uses buttons or a zipper. This may not matter to you, but it will impact on the look of the bedding and also the comfort as sometimes a zipper can feel scratchy against the skin.
  • Check whether the cover comes with inside ties to keep the duvet or comforter in place. This may not matter much to you, but inside ties are a nice feature to have.
  • Check the reviews to see how the bedding holds up to washing. This is a key factor to look for. Some bedding sets fall apart or fade quickly with washing. Checking the reviews will allow you to find to whether the bedding is likely to hold up to the test of time.
  • Included satisfaction guarantee. Some bedding sets include a money back period which allow you to make a risk free purchase.

Our top picks of the best black and white bedding sets available today

VCNY Daniella 8 Piece Flocked Comforter Set

  • Queen size
  • Set includes: 1 comforter, 1 bedskirt, 2 euro shams, 2 shams, 2 decorative pillows

This black and white comforter set comes with everything you need for your bed to look amazing. However the customer reviews are very mixed. On the positive side, what people love is the elegant design. For a fraction of the price you are getting a bed set which could be from a high end store. The customers also loved the comfort and warmth it provides. 

On the negative side, the quality of the bedding set has to be questioned. Some customers reported poor fabric quality which ripped. In some cases the comforter fill was clumped together and would not evenly distribute.

This is one bedding set which you will either love or hate. It seems the main question to answer is how much you like the design. We recommend reading the customer reviews below before making a purchase.​

Black and White Floral Duvet Cover 3 Piece Bedding Set

  • Comes in queen and king sizes
  • 100% cotton, 280 thread count
  • Duvet cover is button closed and has inside ties to keep the duvet in place
  • Machine washable

This beautiful floral black and white bedding set will make your bedroom look stunning. While only a three piece set, the high quality and comfort of the bedding makes this a great buy. 

What really makes the difference between good and bad bedding is attention to detail.​ One problem with duvet covers seen time and time again is that the inside duvet or comforter slides around and does not stay in place. In this case however the duvet cover includes inside ties preventing this from happening. The use of buttons as opposed to a zipper is another nice feature.

The customer feedback is highly positive. Notably, the high quality and comfort is appreciated.​ Check out the reviews below.

Chic Home 20 Piece Olivia Paisley Print Reversible Comforter Set

  • Available in queen and king sizes
  • 100% polyester microfiber
  • Set includes: 1 reversible comforter, 1 bed skirt, 2 pillow shams, 2 decorative pillows, 4 piece sheet set, 4 panels, 2 valances, and 4 tie backs
  • Machine washable

As far as black and white bedding sets go, this product certainly  provides the most value in terms of included features. With 20 pieces you are all set to go! Of course the quality must also be considered.

Notably this bedding fabric is 100% polyester microfiber which means it is hypoallergenic. This means that the bedding naturally repels dust mites and other allergens making it perfect for an allergy sufferer.

The customer feedback is mostly positive. While in some cases the feedback noted a low quality in the stitching of the material, most reviews had nothing bad to say. 

NTBAY 3 Piece Reversible Printed Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

  • Comes in queen and king sizes
  • Set includes: duvet cover and two pillow shams
  • 100% microfiber fabric
  • Machine washable
  • 90 day money back guarantee

This black and white bedding set features a contemporary design which will look great in any room.  At a much lower cost than the other bedding sets featured here it will appeal to many.

One great feature of this product is the use of 100% microfiber which is allergen resistant. The fabric naturally repels dust mites and other allergens making it perfect for allergy sufferers. 

Microfiber is also a lovely soft material which makes this bedding very comfortable. The use of hidden buttons instead of a zipper adds to the comfort and also look of the bedding. 

The company offers a 90 day satisfaction guarantee with this bedding set.If you are unhappy with the product you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. This makes this purchase free of any risk. 

Silhuett Down Alternative 3-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

  • Available in twin, queen and king sizes
  • Down alternative microfiber material
  • Allergen reisitent
  • 100% polyester, 250 thread count
  • Box stitching design to prevent the shifting of filling
  • Color is black, white and tan

This is an excellent choice for black and white bedding sets, although it does have some tan color also. Made from a down alternative microfiber it is hypoallergenic so you do not have to worry about allergens and dust mites. 

The customer feedback is highly positive of this bedding set. While it comes at a lower price, the quality is seemingly high. The customers feel the material is durable and stands the test of time. ​

Importantly for any bedding, it also provides great comfort. The material is soft and feels great against the skin. It is lightweight yet warm. ​If you don't mind the added tan color, this is a great choice for bedding.

My Room Zebra Ultra Soft Microfiber Comforter Sheet Set

  • Available in twin, full and queen sizes
  • Set includes: comforter, two standard shams, flat sheet, fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases (twin size includes only one sham and one pillow case)
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable

This black and white bedding set's best feature is its fun design. Much loved by children and young adults who want a funky design, its low price point makes it an easy purchase. 

While the customer feedback is weighted on the positive side, there are some negative ​reviews which must be considered. The common theme is low quality of the fabric and poor durability. Many customers noted fading of the color in a short amount of time, especially after washing. This is obviously not desirable. 

Despite these comments, the positive reviews outweigh the negative. ​It seems this bedding set comes down to how much you love the design. 

The bottom line

​There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new bedding set. We have done the research to make it easy for you. However, the best course of action to take before making a final decision is the read the actual customer reviews.

We would love to hear your opinion. Which of these black and white bedding sets is your favorite?