7 Black And White Comforter Sets Of The Highest Comfort And Value

This list of the 5 best black and white comforter sets is the result of our extensive research into the products. When assessing each comforter set, we pay particular attention to the comfort including material and softness, the design and how it looks, the washability, durability and overall value of the comforter set, While we have separated the comforters into queen and king size categories, it is generally possible to get each comforter in either size.

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  • Comforter set includes: 1 x comforter, 2 x sham bedskirts, 2 x euro shams, 2 x square cushions & 1 x break cushion​

​This comforter set will add a touch of style and elegance to your bedroom. With its elegant embroided design, you will marvel at its sophistication and fall in love with the way it looks. In fact people love the way it looks so much, they enjoy making the bed in the morning.

What people love about this set is the comfort, which is of course just as important as the look. It is thick and soft, yet not so thick that you over heat during the night. It is plush and fluffy and will let you sleep deeply and comfortably.

The best part about this comforter set is the price. All the extra pillows really make the difference and will make your room feel like a fancy hotel room.​ 

  • Comforter set includes: 1 x comforter, 1 x bedskirt, 2 x standard shams, 2 x Euro shams & 2 x decorative pillows​

​This comforter set features a very popular contemporary design. Influenced by nature, the cover is reversible allowing for a different look when you feel like it. If you want a modern yet homely comforter set, this is the one for you. 

The fabric is soft and it is quite warm, leaving you feeling very snug indeed.​ At the same time it is lightweight which is great because you won't start over heating during your sleep.

According to the customer reviews, the quality is in dispute. While most love the quality and have no problems, some customer have been disappointed by the durability. They are especially disappointed because they love the design so much. However its important to take note that with proper machine washing the set will last a lot longer. Make sure you wash it using a delicate setting, cold water and a low spin speed.

  • Comforter set includes: 1 x comforter, 1 x bedskirt, 2 x standard shams, 3 x decorative pillows​

​The Madison Park Bella comforter set will add a touch of elegance to any bedroom.  Featuring a contemporary and modern Damask pattern design, it is coupled with flocking to give it a three dimensional look. Soft, comfortable and warm, this product comes highly regarded.

The overall consensus, other than the great design, is the excellent quality and durability. This comforter set appears to survive the test of time well. Some customers find the fabric a little scratchy at first, however this is common with new comforter sets and over time it becomes nice and soft. 

  • Comforter set includes: 1 x comforter, 2 x standard shams, 1 x flat sheet, 1 x fitted sheet, 2 x standard pillowcases​

This black and white comforter set brings youth and playfulness to the bedroom. Its design features large black and white circles which look funky and fresh. It's a great design and very popular with the customers. 

The quality of this set is reasonable and satisfactory given the low price. A little rough and scratchy at first, the material will soften with time.  One of the great bonuses of this set is that you get a coordinating set of sheets which is always nice to have.

Overall the customer reviews are positive of this comforter set. A common theme in the reviews is the quality being not as high as other products. However, most reviews agree that for the price the quality is totally fine.  

  • Comforter set includes: 1 x  comforter, 2 x king shams, 1 x decorative pillow
  • Polyester microfiber material

This comforter set from Mizone is hugely popular for good reason. It is lovely and soft, lightweight yet warm, high quality and features a bold design.

​ Dramatic and bold in design, the comforter is reversible featuring an elegant and subtle small scale grey and white print on the bottom side. The quality is high with this being a highly commented on feature in the reviews. When washed properly the colors do not leak and after many washes the comforter will still hold its shape and feel great.

Importantly the comforter is very soft and comfortable. It is lightweight yet will keep you warm.

Black and White Comforter Sets: The Final Word

While the above comforter sets have been separated into queen and king sizes, it is possible to get each set in either size, or even in other sizes. While we extensively research the products and only provide you with the best options, we always recommend that to make the most informed decision you should take the time to read the full customer reviews on Amazon.​ We hope you enjoyed our article on the best black and white comforter sets, and please feel free to leave a comment.