Brooklyn Bedding Review: The Best Bed Foundation?

Lately I have been having difficulty sleeping. After realizing it has nothing to do with my health, I started to look to where I sleep. Mattresses can impact your sleeping habits as well as your quality of sleep, but so can the bed foundation, so I decided to find a way to not only help myself, but others who have trouble sleeping. That’s why I sought out the benefits of the Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation- to give you a Brooklyn Bedding review that can answer all your questions and help you find a solution to your sleeping issues. So, is it the best mattress foundation?

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bed Foundation

Buying a new bed frame can be overwhelming at best. With all the different brands, makes, and styles of bed frames one could easily become confused. Since no bed box spring is the same, you need to ask yourself a few questions to determine which type of bed box spring would work best for your needs- and if necessary, the needs of your sleeping partner.

Before you dive into the world of bed foundation buying, ask or consider the following factors:

How old is my current box spring?

While many people understand the importance of a high-quality mattress, many do not realize having a good bed foundation is just as important. Why? Because a good mattress will only provide the best benefits and function to the best of its ability when it is accompanied by a high-quality foundation such as the Brooklyn Bedding bed box spring.

The Brooklyn Bedding Bed Foundation

The Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation is a featured box spring in the Simple Life Foundation line of foundations. Available in any bed size, the Brooklyn Bedding is the top of the line model among the Simple Life Foundation.

The Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation will provide its users with a comfortable sleep, regardless of the sleeping style. Those who are searching for joint and muscle pain relief, an overall improvement to their nightly sleep, or those searching for a durable and long lasting solution, look no further. The Brooklyn bedding bed foundation can give its users all of these benefits.


Written directions accompanied with clear photos for instruction on assembly

Made in China

Brooklyn Bedding Review: The Benefits

There are several benefits accompanied with the use of a Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation. In this Brooklyn Bedding review, I have listed a few of the features that can benefit you and your sleeping partner the most and so you can understand why it is important to use a good bed frame along with your high-quality mattress.

Sturdy Foundation

A bed frame with a sturdy foundation is an absolute must! The last thing you want from a bed frame is one that is not durable nor able to handle the nightly use for years to come. The Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation, also known as a box spring, is made from 100% stainless steel and provides users high levels of durability and sturdiness to give a long lasting and safe foundation.

Structural stability is important for sound sleep and reliability. With an 8 inch profile solid foundation and the heavy duty tubular steel construction, you can be sure this bed frame will offer you and your sleeping partner plenty of quality support for years to come. Especially if you have a mattress that is made to give you and your sleeping partner plenty of comfortable support, you can be sure to take advantage of these benefits when your mattress is accompanied by the Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation.

This sturdy foundation can either go on the floor or sit atop your current bed frame. This foundation is designed to give your mattress the support it needs so you can sleep supported and in comfort without the worry that often comes with a low quality bed foundation. If your current bed foundation has those pesky wooden slats, you understand how likely it is for your mattress to sag, slope, move about, and create noise whenever you get into bed. Leave the wooden slats behind and make the switch to the beneficial Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation.

No matter where you end up putting this box spring, you can be sure that the mattress on top will no longer sag or create downward slopes when in use. The design of this box spring is catered to even, level, and sturdy support for any mattress. When you make the switch to the Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation, your bed will feel like a whole new bed. You will find sleep easier, more comfortable, better supported, and quiet. Not to mention the strength of this box spring will impress.

Helps Reduce Joint And Muscle Pain

Those who have troubles with their muscles and/or joints understand how important it is to find relief when they lay down to rest. Yet, using a high-quality mattress will only take you so far. Without combining your high-quality mattress with a high-quality bed foundation, you could lose the benefits that mattress is made to provide.

With the help of a sturdy, stable, and strong bed frame foundation, you can be sure to have all the benefits your mattress is made to provide. Especially if you suffer from muscle and/or joint pain, a solid foundation can improve the pains you are having by allowing the mattress to fully function. Give you and your sleeping partner the full benefits of your mattress with the use of a high-quality bed frame such as the Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation and say goodbye to your muscle and joint pains.

Excellent For Any Sleeping Style

Whether you toss and turn at night, sleep on your back, side, or stomach, or have different sleeping schedules than your sleeping partner, a great bed frame is a must! Nothing is worse than having a bed foundation that makes lots of noise from very little movement or even moves slightly when you roll over or get in or out of the bed.

The Brooklyn Bedding foundation is 100% noise free. So no matter if you are tossing and turning or need to quietly get in or out of bed so not to wake your sleeping partner, you can be sure that the Brooklyn Bedding bed frame will help you stay silent through your movements. Especially if you have a memory foam mattress, combing that type of mattress with the Brooklyn bedding box spring will enhance your quality of sleep and allow you to prevent motion transfer once and for all.

Not to mention, it will stay in place no matter how much movement, or tossing and turning occurs. Because let’s be honest, nothing is worse than a bed that slips and slides across the floor whenever any movements occur or when someone gets in or out of bed. Or worse, a bed that squeaks or groans whenever any movement is displaced onto the mattress. It’s not only annoying, it can truly disrupt and affect your sleep or the sleep of your sleeping partner. Keep your sleep quiet with the help of the Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation. The design is made to ensure quiet nights, no matter how much movement is occurring.

Easy To Move And Assemble

When you get your Brooklyn Bedding bed frame you will be surprised at how easy it is to move around and assemble. The Brooklyn Bedding bed frame can be folded up for ease of movement and it only weighs about 30 pounds. Whether you live alone or have a sleeping partner, you can easily carry this bed frame up a flight of stairs, through tight corners- like a door frame or small hallway- or place it directly into your bedroom with little hassle and little effort.

Since this bed frame is available in every bed size you will be able to easily match the size of your current mattress. Yet, no matter which size bed you have- twin all the way up to California King, this bed frame is still easy to move and manage.

Upon assembly, all you will need to do is fold it into place and ensure the cover is in place. That’s it. No screws or tools are necessary which makes assembly easy for anyone. The entire assembly process only takes about five minutes and you are done. Talk about easy and time saving! Seriously, all you have to do is move the box spring to the desired room, which can be done alone or with a friend, and from there, all you need to do is unfold it. That is it. There is no need to place on the cover or adjust it, just fold out the box spring with the cover on it and you are ready to place your mattress atop the Brooklyn bedding bed foundation.

And speaking of the cover, it is a cotton and polyester blend which will allow your mattress to breath. This will help reduce dust mites, allergens, and mold from occurring underneath the mattress.

The Final Verdict

If you have a high-quality mattress, don’t miss out on its benefits with the use of a low-quality bed frame. Switching to a bed frame such as the Brooklyn Bedding bed frame will allow you to have heaps of support, quiet nights, and it is easy to use. Yet, most importantly, the Brooklyn Bedding bed frame will allow you to reap all of the benefits from your high-quality mattress.

Hopefully, this Brooklyn Bedding review has made you realize that you can leave the sleepless nights behind. Stop the tossing and turning, and the loss of the full benefits from your high-quality mattress by using a Brooklyn Bedding bed foundation. Give your mind and body the best chance for high-quality sleep today by switching out your old and outdated box spring for the durable and high-quality Brooklyn Bedding foundation.

And with the use of the Brooklyn Bedding box spring, there will be absolutely no noise- no squeaks, no groans. Not only will your bed remain silent, it will also be sure to be level and fully supported throughout the entire mattress. Forget about the sagging and any downward slopes that are often seen on traditional wooden slats. The design of the Brooklyn bedding box spring will allow you to feel supported and provide you with an improved night’s sleep all around.