Do Bamboo Pillows Need Pillowcases?

Do Bamboo Pillows Need Pillowcases?Bamboo pillows are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for those who suffer from allergies or are looking for a more supported night’s sleep, but do bamboo pillows need pillowcases? Since these types of pillows are fairly new, it can be hard to know how to maintain them- or even how to properly use them. In this article we will look at what bamboo pillows are, and how they are used.

What are Bamboo Pillows?

Bamboo is not the first substance you would think of when designing a product for comfort, but rather than using the bark of the bamboo, manufacturers turn it into a soft fabric. Bamboo pillows use the bamboo fibers as one of the materials for making the casing, and this casing is stuffed with the same memory foam used with other pillows to provide the support. They are firm, comfortable, long lasting and made from a sustainable source- making them better for the environment.

What’s so Special about Bamboo Pillows?

Bamboo fibers have unique properties that, when used in a pillow, helps you get a great night’s sleep. They are antimicrobial, so they don’t develop odors as fast, and repel dust mites. They are also breathable, moisture wicking so you always feel cool and fresh, and hypoallergenic. This makes bamboo pillows a good choice for those who suffer with allergies.

The environmental benefits of using bamboo are also important and make these products a favorite of people who are conscious of the impact. Bamboo is a sustainable crop that can be grown virtually anywhere. It isn’t affected by drought and doesn’t need irrigation channels to be dug for farming, and needs none of pesticides or fertilizers that are used in the production of cotton for example.

Further to the benefits of the bamboo, the way the memory foam is usually used within bamboo pillows helps you to get the best of the material. It has often been found to absorb a lot of heat, so it can become uncomfortable, but by using shredded memory foam this problem doesn’t occur to anywhere near the same levels. Importantly this has no effect on how well the memory foam provides support and comfort.

Do You Need Pillowcases?

The particular benefits you get from the use of bamboo within the case of the pillow means that they are ready to sleep on without needing a pillowcase. Of course, it’s totally up to you how you want to use them so you can use a case if you prefer. You may lose some of the effects, though, and won’t feel how soft the bamboo material is against your skin.

If you do decide to use pillowcases because you want to prolong the life of your pillows, it would be worth getting ones made with bamboo as well so you still take advantage of the benefits.

The Final Word

Bamboo pillows are a great choice for allergy sufferers, people who have difficulty sleeping and are looking for a firmer, fresher pillow. They are also great for those who want to be aware of their environmental impact, but do bamboo pillows need pillowcases? To put it simply: No, they are ready to use when you get them.

Of course, if you prefer one, go ahead and get one. Either way you’ll reap the benefits of sleeping on a bamboo pillow. Please feel free to leave your questions or comments below.