Highest Rated Memory Foam Mattress Topper For When You Just Want The Best

I know you'll agree when we say that finding the best possible sleeping surface is very important. Having the most comfortable possible bed can mean the difference between restless sleep with exhausting days, and rejuvenating sleep followed by high energy mornings. The only problem is that there are so many mattress toppers out there to choose from. How are you meant to decide which is the best? Well to make your life easy, we have made it simple. In this post you will find the highest rated memory foam mattress topper, as well as two close runners up.

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Number 1 Highest Rated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • ​Comes in 2 and 3 inch thicknesses
  • 2.5 lb density memory foam
  • Uses visco-elastic memory foam which breathes well for temperature regulation and minimal odor
  • Is designed to fit under your existing fitted sheets by being 1 inch shorter on the sides
  • Made in the USA
  • 100 per cent money back guarantee

​If you want the highest rated memory foam mattress topper, this is it. Coming in both 2 and 3 inch thicknesses you can choose your preferred option. Unsure which thickness would be better for you? Email the seller. They have excellent customer service and have a track record of responding directly and courteously to customers.

Being 2.5 pound density foam, this topper is nice and soft. However it still offers support which is important for a healthy body. In fact many customers have reported an end to their back pain after using this topper.

Being lightweight it is easy to move around yet won't slip on the mattress. Its porous design gives it great breathability which results in sound temperature regulation. This is critical with any memory foam topper. It will keep you cool at night so you don't over heat.

Once unpackaged, this topper will decompress fairly fast, usually within a day. In this time the odor will also dissipate. Keep in mind, sleeping on the topper straight away may give you a headache due to this initial odor.

The reviews of this product are highly positive. They are full of raving comments about how amazing it is. As with any product, not everyone is happy. However with the money back guarantee, you can make a safe purchase here. 

Runners Up: Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • ​2 inch gel infused memory foam
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 year warranty

​This is a close runner up for the highest rated memory foam mattress topper. It covers all the bases at an excellent price. 

Being two inches thick this topper will allow the body to sink in without giving the feeling of being stuck. It is very soft and many customers have commented on how comfortable it is as a result. Some even go so far as to relate it to sleeping on a cloud.

A common issue with memory foam toppers is their tendency to retain heat during the night. This can leave you tossing and turning as you try and find a cool position. This product regulates temperature very well however and many customers have commented on how cool it stays. ​This is a really good characteristic for any mattress topper.

This memory foam mattress topper is like most in that when it arrives it is vacuum sealed. You need to allow it to decompress and aerate for a couple of days. This will give it time to take on its correct shape and will also allow the odor to dissipate. ​

The customer reviews of this product are overwhelmingly positive. ​

  • ​2 inches thick
  • 3 lb density foam
  • 100 per cent gel infused memory foam
  • Excellent temperature regulation for a cool sleep

​This mattress topper is another highest rated memory foam mattress topper and receives some great reviews. It is super comfortable and soft. Yet it still gives great support, so much so that some chronic pain sufferers have enjoyed minimal pain since using it.

It is gel infused to allow for comfortable sleeping temperatures. Unlike many memory foam toppers it is able to regulate temperature and give you a cool surface to sleep on. 

The bonus bamboo cover makes the sleeping temperature even more comfortable as bamboo is extremely breathable and will not trap in any heat.​

While the reviews are dominantly positive, a common reported drawback is that this topper tends to move around on the mattress. Many customers found they had to adjust the position every few days.​ 

The Final Word

We hope you found this post informative and were able to find the highest rated memory foam mattress topper to suit your needs. We would love to hear from you, so if you have an opinion, please leave a comment below.