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📚How Does Marijuana Use Benefit Sleep?

The use of cannabis have long been theorized as a way to help people sleep. Sleep is a very important aspect of life and one’s well being. However, achieving a good night’s rest is not always in the cards for many people.

The reality is that with so many things going on in a person’s life, achieving deep sleep becomes a fantasy or is hard to achieve. This one should not be the case. There should be a way for individuals to gain their much needed hours of relaxation.

With that, cannabis use has become a necessity for some. For individuals who are suffering from chronic pain and anxiety, the use of marijuana is an anchor for them to rely on when they are trying to sleep better. 

Is there a proof to this benefit from cannabis? 

Our guests today are the marijuana experts from MicroLabFarms – Cannabis shipping container farms, who will help us get some answers on the topic.

What Is Marijuana Made Of?

A quick look at the components of marijuana would show that it is made up of two ingredients that have many benefits. 

The first ingredient is the Tetrahydrocannabinol or more commonly known as THC. Cannabis is known and attributed to the feeling of being high. The ingredient, THC, is the one responsible for this effect. 

The second most popular ingredient is Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is currently the best subject of many studies that we see today. 

Does Marijuana Use Really Aid Sleep?

Studies have shown mixed results in the matter. Cannabis is known to induce a state of relaxation but is there any proof to this claim? Let us investigate a few scientific studies on the matter. 

The very first review on the effects of cannabis was in the year 1970. This year is popularly known as the year of peace. It was an era where peace loving individuals are more open about their exploits. Drug use was prevalent in order to aid groups. 

The first study in 197 got conducted with a study pool of 147 participants. The results showed that those who used the substance are able to fall asleep faster than others.

A sleep study was conducted in 2014 for those who were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It was done by the team of Marcel Bonn-Miller. The results of the study showed that those suffering from PTSD can get better rest with cannabis use. As a short term result, this one makes it a good substance to use but for long term results, the consequences are yet to be shown.

A later study in 2017 conducted in the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) showed that a deeper sleep state can be achieved with cannabis use. The UPenn study was conducted on rodents but it shows the same level of promise for human level of sleep.

In a nutshell, the results of the studies conducted show the following results:

  • The substance has great effects on sleep;

  • Sleeping after cannabis use can help an individual sleep faster and in a deeper state;

  • Marijuana use has many potentials for future verification. 

Effect on Sleep Disorders

Cannabis use has also been linked to aiding sleep disorders of individuals. However, there are no studies that have concluded its effects on such disorders.

Before you even consider using this plant for your sleep disorder, you should keep in mind that the following are known restrictions on cannabis use for sleep:

  • It can be addicting if not used properly. Substance abuse is very much a possibility if it is not used properly.

  • Individuals aged 25 below must have a doctor’s prescription before using marijuana to induce sleep. 

  • There are different strains to use when using cannabis for sleep. 

Doctors would tell you that you must choose between three strains of marijuana to get the best results for you. 

The first strain is the indica. This strain is the most relaxing one and it will sooth you directly to sleep in the right dosage.

Doctors would also offer the Sativa strain. This one's for those who are looking for more energy after a good sleep.

Hybrids are also possible. However, doctor’s prescription is always necessary before jumping towards the use of cannabis.

You Can Induce Sleep Naturally

If you are thinking of using cannabis, you should always consider getting professional opinion first. For better results, you must also aid yourself before sleeping. Do not consume large meals or drink caffeine based drinks so you will be able to sleep properly. It is also necessary that you try to sleep in a dark room and relax your mind. With these techniques, you can aid the effects of marijuana and you will relax better.

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