How to Fluff a Bamboo Pillow

So you’ve just entered the world of comfort and purchased a bamboo pillow. Yet, this ultra-soft and luxurious pillow needs some extra care and attention. That is why we’ve found the answers for how to fluff a bamboo pillow so you can maintain the life of your bamboo pillow for many years to to fluff a bamboo pillow

Understanding Your Bamboo Pillow

Just in case you’re not sure why bamboo pillows are named after a typically hard substance, we’ve got you covered. Bamboo pillows are called bamboo pillows due to the fact that they are a memory foam pillow (or even shredded memory foam) with a bamboo outer case. They are generally very soft and comfortable.

The actual pillow underneath of the bamboo cover is usually made of memory foam. The combination of the memory foam with the bamboo pillow cover stands out among other pillows as one of the most comfortable pillows to sleep with. As a matter of fact, according to better sleep, better life, a bamboo pillow can help you address any sleeping problems you may be facing.

How To Fluff A Bamboo Pillow

Whether you have just purchased your bamboo pillow or you want to refresh your current one, there are a few steps you need to follow to get the most out of your bamboo pillow.

  • Open the bamboo pillow and allow for it to air to release the slight scent associated with a brand new bamboo pillow. (This scent is normal for nearly every brand and will disappear within as little as one day to as much as two weeks of airing)
  • Place the bamboo pillow into the dryer on low to medium heat for 10-30 minutes to activate the memory foam.
  • Once it is finished in the dryer, remove and give it a little fluffing (similarly to that of a normal pillow).
  • Placing the pillow into the dryer will ensure your bamboo pillow is fluffy and soft as well as help to dissipate any chemical smell it comes with.
  • If you do not have a dryer to use, you can fluff up your bamboo pillow by gently squeezing the edges of the pillow and pushing them together. Repeat a few times and combine with the actions of fluffing a normal pillow and you will see your fluffy bamboo pillow in no time.

Bamboo pillows come in two different forms, solid and shredded. While users of solid bamboo pillows swear by their experience with them, so do those who use a shredded bamboo pillow. And while there are definitely pros and cons of each, according to, the growing popularity of  bamboo pillows is more than just a fad- they can actually provide you with assistance in neck pain, posture, and much more.

In fact, many times, shredded bamboo pillows are recommended due to their many benefits such as:

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • More breathable
  • Easier to shape to your own body
  • Maintains their shape
  • Stays cool as they can easily regulate temperatures

So regardless if you choose to have shredded or solid bamboo pillows, switching to bamboo pillows will enable you to sleep better and in more comfort than ever before. Whether you are experiencing pain or exhaustion, a bamboo pillow can help you with your alignment and posture as well as your overall quality of sleep.

Once you have understood how to fluff a bamboo pillow, you can be sure to practice it every six months in order to ensure your bamboo pillows last for many years to come. Tell us, have you recently switched to a bamboo pillow or are you considering doing so? What have you found to be a challenge or an obstacle when it comes to your bamboo pillow? Let us know! We love hearing from you!

Helen - March 7, 2017

My bamboo pillows(2) are hard! I tried the dryer, worked them, etc., so hard we can’t use them!

Tari - March 8, 2017

I’m disappointed in my pillow. The first month it was amazing. However…now the pillow is simply rock hard. Like the foam inside just sticks together like packing snow and has no give when i move around in my sleep. It takes one shape and solidifies there. The same thing with my husband’s.

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