Malouf Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set Review

I have tried out many different types of sheets over the years, but it was only when I started using ones made with bamboo fabrics that I realized quite how comfortable my bed can be. In this Malouf bamboo sheets review I will be showing you one particular set of sheets, and why they could just well be precisely what you are looking for.

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Malouf Bamboo Sheets

These sheets are made from 100% Rayon, which is a fabric that is produced by processing natural bamboo fibers. First of all, this is much better for the environment, because the farming of bamboo requires no pesticides at all and it can be grown virtually anywhere with a high yield. The use of bamboo means that these sheets are hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and odors, and feel incredibly soft against your skin as you settle down to sleep.

Included within this set of sheets from Malouf are a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. They are available in King or Queen sizes, and there are six different color options to choose from.

  • ​Made from 100% Rayon (from bamboo)
  • ​6 color choices
  • ​Available in King or Queen Size
  • Includes 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillowcases

The Benefits

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

I have very sensitive skin and often find myself struggling with sheets made from Cotton. When I moved over to using bamboo sheets, however, all these problems stopped in an instant. This is because the materials provide a series of benefits in comparison to others. First of all the sheets are very soft, much more so than cotton sheets. It feels silky smooth against you and makes it easy to get comfortable as you drift off to sleep.

They are hypoallergenic, so they won’t trigger the itches or rashes that can be experienced with other products. The bamboo also adds anti odor and antibacterial properties which further prevents your skin from being agitated, and leaves the bed smelling fresh and clean for much longer.


  • ​Very soft
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • Odor resistant

Secure Fit

The Malouf bamboo sheets have been designed to fit perfectly onto your bed to eliminate those problems of sheets coming loose. They have deep pockets to fit mattresses up to 22 inches thick and are fully elasticated so they will stay in place.


  • Fit mattresses up to 22 inches thick
  • Elasticated

Keeps You at a Perfect Temperature

Rayon, that is produced from bamboo fibers, is one of the best temperature regulating materials available. This is because the sheets are a lot more porous, which allows air to pass through more freely. This allows the warm air around the sheets to be removed, and you remain at a similar temperature to the room you’re sleeping in. The sheets are also moisture wicking, so they will remove any sweat produced and keep you feeling fresh throughout the night.


  • Breathable material
  • Moisture wicking


Not suitable for use in extremely cold environments

The Final Word

If you are like me and find it a struggle to get comfortable sheets for your bed, then you should definitely consider trying out ones made from bamboo. You really won’t know how you managed to sleep on anything else. As this Malouf bamboo sheets review has shown, they feel incredibly soft, won’t trigger any allergies, and maintain the perfect temperature throughout the night, so you wake up perfectly refreshed and ready to start your day.