Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets Review

I used to find it very difficult to sleep well because my sheets made my skin feel itchy and I would overheat most nights. Initially, I thought this was to do with my washing powder, but since I changed to using bamboo bedding I have slept perfectly. As this Royal Hotel bamboo sheets review will show you, they are so soft and comfortable that you, too, can benefit from this amazing material.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets

Royal Hotel have designed these sheets with a blend of 60% Viscose (which is made from bamboo) and 40% cotton, to give a product that is incredibly soft and silky smooth. The usage of less cotton and the inclusion of bamboo means that they are hypoallergenic, and they will maintain a constant and comfortable temperature for you throughout the night.

This Royal Hotel sheet set is available in King or Queen sizes with 13 different color options, and includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.


  • ​60% Viscose and 40% Cotton blend
  • ​King or Queen size
  • ​13 color options
  • Includes 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillowcases


  • More delicate than pure cotton sheets

The Benefits

Soft and Comfortable

Royal Hotel has designed these sheets with a 300-thread count, which makes them feel virtually as soft as cashmere or silk. This alone makes them incredibly comfortable to sleep in, but the bamboo material adds further benefits.

They are much more porous than pure cotton sheets, so there is an increased airflow to keep you feeling cool throughout the night all year long. They are moisture wicking as well, so they remove the sweat that forms as you sleep to leave you feeling fresh when you wake up.


  • ​Silky soft
  • ​Encourages airflow
  • Moisture wicking


  • Not ideal for use in very cold weather


One problem I suffer from a lot is the itchiness I get from pure cotton sheets as a result of my allergies. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and, with a much lower cotton content, these sheets are ideal for people who experience such issues. They are also highly resistant to dust mites, which are another cause of discomfort while you sleep.


  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • Dust mite resistant


Bamboo sheets are bacteria resistant and, therefore, odor resistant, so you won’t need to wash them as often as is needed with other fabrics. They are more delicate than pure cotton sheets, though, so when you wash them you will need to use a delicate cycle in cold water only. They can be tumble dried, but this must be done at a low heat and they should be removed as soon as they are dry. You mustn’t use bleach because it will damage them.


  • ​Odor resistant
  • Machine washable


  • Need to be treated as delicates

Environmental Impact

Bamboo is a naturally sustainable crop because it can be grown virtually anywhere, it produces high yields, and doesn’t require the use of pesticides in farming, unlike cotton. While various chemicals are used in treating the bamboo to turn it into a useable material, this has far less of an impact on the environment.


  • Easy to grow crop without the need of pesticides


  • Some chemicals are used to treat the bamboo


The Bottom Line

If you are struggling with the comfort of your current bed sheets and want to find something better suited to your needs, then I hope this Royal Hotel bamboo sheets review has made you realize that bamboo sheets could be the answer. They are hypoallergenic, maintain a constant temperature, and are extremely soft and silky.