Sleepy Deep Annual Scholarship

2017 winner: Mason Lovell of The Ohio State University.

At Sleepy Deep we are firm believers in the value of education. No greater investment can be made. That said, we understand the cost of education can be very high. Many costs quickly add up, often causing financial strain on a family.

Sleepy Deep Scholarship

For this reason we are proud to offer an annual $500 scholarship to provide financial assistance. The scholarship is available to students who are currently attending or plan to attend college, university or graduate school in the coming year.

Through this scholarship we also hope to increase the awareness of the importance of quality sleep. Sleep deprivation is in general increasing, and this has a particularly negative effect on students who are in a critical phase of development.

General Terms of Participation

One $500 scholarship is available annually.

To participate, students must submit a 750-1000 words essay on the topic:​

"How Technology Can Be Used to Optimize Sleep"

In addition to being awarded $500, the winning submission will be published on this website.

Eligibility Requirements

This scholarship is only available to students who are currently enrolled in high school, college or university. 


Please send your 750-1000 words essay as a Word .doc to Please include the following with your submission:

  • Your full name, telephone number and mailing address
  • The name of the high school, college or university you are currently attending
  • Proof that you are attending the above educational institution
  • Your current area of study (or the area you plan to study if you are currently in high school) 

By submitting your essay you forfeit all copyright and give us permission to use the essay for promotional purposes. 

Application Deadline

This scholarship will not be offered in 2018.

Sleepy Deep will notify the winner by email. If the winner does not respond within 7 days of the initial contact attempt, an alternative winner will be selected.

$500 will be made payable via PayPal to the educational institution you designate in your application. The funds must be applied to educational expenses such as tuition, books and housing during the school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the winner be selected?

The winning submission will be from the applicant who meets the eligibility requirements and answers the essay question using the most informative, interesting and creative style. 

When will the funds become available?

The funds will be issued on March 1st, 2017.

Is the scholarship renewable?

No. This is a single year scholarship and a new winner will be selected each year.

How many scholarships are available?

​One (1) scholarship of $500 is available.

Can I submit an application on paper by mail?​

No, Sleepy Deep will not accept any paper applications. All submissions must be made via email.

How can the funds be used?​

The awarded funds must be applied to school expenses. This includes but is not limited to tuition fees, books and other educational resources and housing fees.

Do you have any tips for creating a winning submission?​

In determining the winning submission, special attention will be given to the writer's ability to convince the reader in an informative yet creative style.