What are Bamboo Pillows?

What are Bamboo Pillows?Pillows come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide variety of materials depending on the precise feel and support you are looking for but, at first, the idea of ones made from bamboo may seem a little odd. So what are bamboo pillows?

Known as a fast growing and tough grass plant it’s hardly the first material you would think of when making a comfortable pillow. They are, however, just as comfortable as any other pillow and claim to be eco-friendly and ideal for people who suffer from allergies. In this article we will be looking further at how bamboo pillows are made, and how effective they are.

How Bamboo Pillows are Made

The main thing to point out is that these aren’t pillows encased in bamboo fiber. The grass is, instead, treated in a way that extracts the soft inner parts from the bamboo trunk for use within the manufacturing process, or by turning the woody parts into fine fibers by crushing it. This provides a tough, often silk-like material that is used to make covers for pillows, within which is a more traditional shredded memory foam filling.

The percentage of a product that is made from bamboo is actually quite low, but manufacturers claim that the presence of the fibers provide a slew of benefits.

How Do Bamboo Pillows Work?

By using bamboo in the casing of the pillow, these products offer advantages over other types. The first is that the process of obtaining the raw materials is more environmentally friendly in comparison to the alternatives like cotton. Bamboo is a sustainable crop. It grows very fast and has one of the highest yields for the space used of any plant. It is not affected by drought, doesn’t need to grown in irrigated fields, and does not require pesticides or other nasty chemicals.

It’s also fully biodegradable, so excess yields won’t cause any lasting damage, and the final product is easier to dispose of. This all means that the impact of farming on the local area is much reduced.

The Benefits of a Bamboo Pillow

The finished material is very effective at wicking moisture, so bamboo pillows can offer a much more comfortable night’s sleep. It dries a lot faster and have a natural antimicrobial ability that prevents the development of odors. Bedding made with bamboo fiber is silky soft and highly durable. It’s great for thermo-regulation, so you will be comfortable throughout the year and stays tight fitting no matter how often it is washed.

Bamboo pillows are suitable for use by people who have allergies, because the fibers are naturally hypoallergenic. The bamboo cover is full of shredded memory foam, which has further advantages over a pillow solely made from memory foam- namely that they are far more comfortable, and don’t absorb anywhere as much heat.

Who Can Benefit From a Bamboo Pillow?

While bamboo pillows are suitable for use by everyone, there are some who can particularly benefit. If you suffer from allergies, for example, then they are great because they are hypoallergenic, while still being really soft and comfy. They are also popular with people who strive to be conscious of the environment with the products they use.

These pillows can also be helpful for people who have difficulties sleeping because they are supportive, comfortable, stay fresh, and are very effective at maintaining a good temperature.

Things to be Aware of With Bamboo Pillows

There are some concerns over the process by which the bamboo fibers are turned into threads that can be used in materials. It depends on the manufacturer but sometimes involves soaking it in highly toxic chemicals to help soften it.

If the main appeal of bamboo products to you is their eco-friendliness, then it is vital that you look into the supply chain of the product you are considering to ensure it lives up to your standards.

When you first get a new bamboo pillow it will arrive in a vacuum sealed bag. At first it will seem small and squashed, but after a few days it will expand to its full shape. You may also notice a faint chemical odor when you first open the bag. It’s not recommended that you use the pillow when this smell is present, but it will fade in a short time and you’ll be ready to go.

The Final Word

Bamboo is a fairly new material to be used in bedding, but there are plenty of products available to choose from. While most contain a similar amount of bamboo, the overall design and choice of filling will differ. Usually they use shredded memory foam, but other variations do exist if you are looking for something a bit different.

You no longer have to ask the question ‘what are bamboo pillows?’, and we hope this article has cleared up the benefits, and what to look out for, with bamboo pillows. Please leave any comments or questions you may have below.