Are Bamboo Sheets Good, Or Are They Overrated?

When you think of the right bed sheets, you’re probably often drawn to the sleek softness of Egyptian cotton or the warmth and cozy quality of fleece in the winter. But there’s more than one type of fiber in the world that can make your sleep experience as comfortable as possible.are bamboo sheets good

When you think of bamboo, you probably don’t imagine a fluffy, queen size bed. A piece of wood probably has more in common with bamboo than a fitted fleece sheet right? Well, you’d be surprised. Though the hard shoots of the bamboo plant aren’t actually used in this process, the grass-like plant that grows around these shoots is. In fact, these long fibers are ideal for the intricate and tight weaving that goes into the creation of the perfect bed sheet.

So are bamboo sheets good, or are they overrated?

How It’s Made

Starting from a production standpoint, bamboo plants already have an edge on cotton. They require less water maintenance than cotton, and the fiber yield per plant is much stronger. This makes it a bit more sustainable from a resource perspective when you’re utilizing less labor and fewer materials to produce more product.

Science Behind the Fibers

Another awesome quality of bamboo sheets, beyond the fact that they’re among the softest linen you can buy, is they’re naturally repellent to bacteria and germs in a way cotton is not. The fibers are also naturally resistant to odors, and are less likely to hold onto smell after use. To this end they also serve as a good hypoallergenic option for those with intense allergies and the softness makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The fibers thermo regulate and breath in a way cotton does not. Cotton is designed to absorb water and oils from the human body, causing it to adhere to the temperature given off by the user. Bamboo fibers are resistant to temperature change regulated by the body to stay cool even on the hottest nights.

Chemical Blends vs. Organic

There are some downfalls, of course. Bamboo fiber sheets have a history of using chemical blends within the fiber weaving. But that has, however, recently been disbanded by many companies to produce certified organic bed sheets that are free of chemical treatment. In fact, the plant itself is so easy to grow that even when it’s not grown in a controlled, organic environment, it’s usually free of any chemical enhancements or pesticides right from the start.

On the contrary, cotton is notorious as one of the most treated crops in the world. It’s loaded with pesticides to keep bugs away that are drawn in by the moisture rich environment in which cotton needs to thrive.

What About Washing?

Another drawback for bamboo, however, might be the very thing that makes them irresistible. The soft fibers are very fine, which means you need to pay attention to your washing methods. Rough and excessive washes could wear down the material and cause damage. You also want to avoid enhancing any shrinkage factor with over washing and drying. Most commercial businesses do not utilize bamboo sheets due to their delicate nature and susceptibility to wear from excessive use.

But another good aspect of these sheets? The pull factor is almost zero thanks to the tightly woven pattern on the material. Blended bamboo sheets might not be so resistant to pull, but 100% organically created bamboo sheets will withstand use without pulls or tears in the fabric. This also gives it long life if the proper care is given to the washing and drying process.

The soft quality will also linger long into your use of the sheets without shedding or growing rough. If you need time to be sold before you go out and trade in that traditional cotton for bamboo, get a swatch of fabric and get a feel for the softness and durability of the fabric. You’ll find a unique blend of softness without any sort of slip and get a feel for the constant, cool temps the fibers maintain.

Are Bamboo Sheets Good?

Ultimately, the battle between Egyptian cotton and bamboo comes down to a lot of factors. Cotton has the upper hand on machine wash durability but bamboo wins when it comes to feel, environmental friendliness, hygiene, and allergies. Are bamboo sheets good? Most certainly. But only you are going to know if the trade off really work for you.