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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that back pain is inevitable and it’s no secret that’s the primary cause of our hormonal driven rage. Whether the little one is against your sciatic nerve or you simply have spinal problems like scoliosis that’s worsened by pregnancy, finding the best pregnancy pillow for back pain is key in comfort. Check out our best pregnancy pillow reviews below to get a better idea of how well you could be sleeping at night!

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain Comparison

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Array of colors available

Supports hips, stomach, neck, and back

The pillow weighs approximately 3-pounds

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

Plethora of colors

Mom’s back and belly are both supported

Provides comfort to neck and shoulder curvature

U-Shaped  Contoured Body Pillow

Anti-smothering design

Provides maximum support

60” in length, 35” in width and 7” in height

Knee Pillow Pain Relief – Memory Foam

Memory foam cushioning

Provides pain relief in Sciatic nerve

Wedge for between the knees for  improved fit

Cushy Foam Pain Relief Pillow

Washable cover + storage and travel bag

Eases sciatic nerve and joint pain

Perfect for expecting moms

Best Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

  • Array of colors
  • Supports hips, stomach, neck, and back
  • Design was created by a mom, who’s also an RN (Registered Nurse)
  • Removable cover similar to a sham; machine washable
  • Item weight of 3-pounds
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The Snoogle is a game-changer in the world of pregnancy pillows because of its cuddling design that makes you feel as if you’re being enclosed in a cloud. Being only 3-pounds, you don’t have to worry about it being too heavy or too light. The C-shaped pillow not only provides general back support, but it also provides hip, tummy, and neck support.

The curvature of the design allows you to be almost entirely encased in the pillow, without being uncomfortable or stuck. The elimination of someone else’s body heat for cuddling makes this pillow an appealing purchase.

Designed by a mom who is a registered nurse, she understands the health benefits and needs of a pillow as such, along with the personal desire for back pain relief. Coming in a variety of colors such as pink, light green, brown, beige, and white, you can match the décor of your home or choose your favorite color for maximum comfort.

Did you know that colors can help better your mood or worsen your mood? For pregnant mamas, this is an important fact that could aid you in choosing a soothing color.

The removable cover is a primary selling point for use during pregnancy and after because of the fluids that may come during these times. Whether you’re lactating or you’ve gotten sick, you can easily throw the cover into the washing machine and make it clean once again.

A full body solution that’s created out of polyester, you can sleep in the perfect position during your pregnancy. Veteran pregnant women rejoice as they can finally find solace in knowing there’s relief for their pregnancy back pain. This is a top choice for the best pregnancy pillow for back pain.

  • Pillow provides comfort everywhere including neck and shoulder curvature
  • Plethora of colors
  • Mom’s Back and belly are both supported
  • Baby remains elevated and supported
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The Naomi cozy home body pillow is a dream to lay in, as sleep is easy when you have this pillow supporting your sides. Keeping the baby elevated and supported during mom’s sleep time, you don’t have to worry about too much pressure or harm caused when you’re not conscious. A pillow that encloses the entire body, including the gusseted neck and shoulder region, you’ll feel as if you’re on cloud-9.

Coming in a variety of colors, this poses more advantages than not. However, it’s worth mentioning that a fiery red color is not-so-calming when it comes to the psychological effects of color usage. While you can choose not to go with this color, it doesn’t pose a real disadvantage or affect the performance.

In keeping your back and belly supported while sleeping, you’ll be able to remain engaged in activities when you wake up. Your muscles will be refreshed, and you’ll be able to move better. Stabilization during activities and sleep allow the sacroiliac joint pain to have a reduction in pain.

Sacroiliac pain is caused by hormonal issues and no support during activities and sleep because of an increase in relaxing. In experiencing this, the body is creating instability. Wearing support bands and sleeping with the best body pillow is a great way to decrease this joint pain and instability.

The Naomi pillow allows future mommy's to sleep comfortable in a half-fetal position that not only benefits them, but also the growing bundle of joy inside of them. It’s worth mentioning that sleeping isn’t the only time you can use this, as relaxing activities are also a great time to use a body pillow. Conforming to your curves while still providing firmness, the Naomi is a fantastic choice for a great value.

  • White zippered protector included
  • Unique design that reduces and prevents heartburn, nasal congestion, sciatica
  • Anti-smothering design
  • Machine washable
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Many body pillows offer maximum cuddling and support, but forget that not all pregnant women want to be fully enclosed, as they may feel suffocated. Thankfully, this U-Shaped dream provides maximum support without causing minimal movement when using. A design that’s unique and prevents sciatica, carpal tunnel, nasal congestion, and heartburn, you won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night in pain.

A decrease in acid reflux by using this pillow is possible through the incline created from neck to stomach. In having this incline, you’ll see almost an immediate reduction in heartburn and nightly kitchen trips for milk. Your esophagus will no longer be fighting with the stomach’s outflow, which may reduce the amount of morning sickness you feel late at night and early in the morning.

Giving mom support as well as the bun-in-the-oven, the development of the baby can vastly improve when the conditions are just right in momma’s environment. The size of this pillow is 60” in length, 35” in width and 7” in height. Providing illustrious comfort and maximum health benefits without the use of medication, mom-to-be is provided with an excellent value. Coming in two colors that are both neutral and calming, the zippered protector is machine washable for optional convenience.

The inner shape of the pillow allows mom to get as close to the top for specific neck support, controlled by her preference while allowing enough room at the bottom to not feel so enclosed. Providing neck, back, shoulder, knee, and calf support, this pillow is an inexpensive one with a simplistic design that goes far beyond the competitors and provides relief for mommy’s-to-be around the world.

Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow

  • Acid reflux prevention
  • Use-your-own neck support
  • Reduces snoring
  • 90 night “best sleep” guarantee

You don’t have to be an expecting mother to enjoy and benefit from this pillow. Although, moms-to-be that are having serious comfortability issues may find solace in the Schmoozi body pillow. With positioning that prevents acid reflux and reduces snoring, everyone is going to be getting a better night’s sleep – not just mom and baby!

Unlike others on the market, the Schmoozi is a type of body pillow that allows the user to get their own neck support via pillow or another form that they feel comfortable. The benefits of this type of body pillow allow claustrophobic moms and sleepers to feel a bit more open at night while receiving the maximum amount of comfort. As someone who doesn’t like confined spaces, this idea is a dream!

Keeping snorers and acid reflux sufferers on their side all night, it also helps keep the pregnant belly safe and comfortable throughout the evening, giving support to mom and baby. With the 90 night “best sleep” guarantee, you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the product you’ve purchased. For those who want a break from bulkier pregnancy pillows, you’ll love this sleek and minimal, yet comfortable option.

​The soft quilted connector allows you to keep the body pillow for back support, or leg and belly, depending on the position of your choosing. While it currently only comes in white, if you’re nervous about getting it dirty, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a zipper on the removable polyester cover so you can easily wash it!

​The pillow attachment allows out-of-this-world spinal support for those with back problems, whether you’re pregnant or not. The back pain this targets is inclusive of lower back pain, as well, unlike many of the competitors.

  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Breathable cover for a reduction in warmth
  • Pain relief in Sciatic nerve
  • Wedge for between the knees
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For expecting mom’s that want to kick away the traditional pregnancy pillow, you’ll be able to know that there are memory foam styled knee pillows that relieve back pain. Targeting back pain isn’t just providing relief for the back by focusing on the back, it’s providing relief by focusing on problem areas that contribute to the problem. In this case, the problem may lie with how your feet and legs are positioned at night.

Memory foam that provides a breathable covering allows you to stay cool throughout the entire night. For mom’s who get too warm at night and can’t stand cuddling with someone because of warmth, this is a great addition to the traditional pregnancy pillow. Beyond this, you can get instant sciatic nerve pain relief because of the reduction in pressure on the lower spine through spreading of the hips and distribution of body weight.

Being a wedge styled pillow, the curves allow you to sleep comfortably without having to wrap your entire body inside a full body pillow. Pinpoint focus and targeting allows for a much better sleep to many, without interrupting their normal sleep schedule. Having memory foam knee support as such also helps the baby when mom is sleeping, as pressure is reduced. In return, this creates a more comforting environment.

For mom’s who have swollen feet and water retention, this can also be used as a foot and leg elevator, allowing water weight to reduce immensely. In doing so, you make it easier for yourself the next day when you need to walk and do errands. Keeping your body comfortable at night means that you’re keeping yourself mobile during your pregnancy.

  • Improves circulation
  • Decreases water retention
  • Improves sciatic nerve pain
  • Eases joint pain
  • Washable cover + storage and travel bag
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For those who want something a little less bulky and a little more simple than most maternity pillows, you’ll find comfort in knowing that a memory foam styled knee pillow exists. Without a bunch of twists and turns, the Cushy Foam Pain Relief Pillow provides leg support, lower back support, and indirect support for the bun in the oven.

The addition of the storage and travel bag allows mom to pack one in her overnight pack to feel comfortable at all steps of the process, including labor! A more comfortable position means a less cranky mom and that’s something that many companies often forget when creating a pregnancy pillow.

Those who have circulation issues (whether pregnant or not) may love the fact that this does indeed improve circulation when you’re not awake and alert. Those who have water retention issues will also find this gem extremely helpful, as this elevates to the height of your heart and reduces the water that’s building up within your muscles.

Water weight can also decrease movement within joints and make you feel much stiffer than you should. When you elevate and reduce water weight, you ease joint pain and become a little less stiff rather quickly.

Moms-to-be will also love that this improves the support on the tummy, which in turn, improves the pressure on the sciatic nerve, giving almost instant relief. For what it does, the value of this price is incomparable to many on the market today. Posing many health benefits and personal feel-good benefits, the Cushy Foam pain relief pillow is perfect for expecting moms and those with circulation and water retention issues.

The Final Word

​Finding the best pregnancy body pillow can be tough, but most definitely doable if you know what you’re looking for. Instead of only providing relief for yourself, realize that you can also provide relief for the little one growing. In starting proper development very early on, you can ensure that your baby is going to be as healthy as humanly possible. Found these best pregnancy pillow reviews useful? If you have any questions about the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, please leave them below.

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