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Some of the worst biological transitions in your body occur when you have to switch from your peaceful sleep to an active dutiful day. It can be detrimental enough to wreak havoc to your natural biological rhythm and spoil the mood of your day. These are basically those small and somehow insignificant things that boost your day and life in general. Alarm clocks might be some of the most hated inventions that disrupt the momentary peaceful bed comfort; but thanks to the best wake up light- a new feature embedded to a clock- you can now have a smooth transition. The adjustable brightness increases gradually at intervals that make your eyes comfortable to adapt to the daylight.

This smooth wake up style provides a kind of light therapy and mental preparedness for the long and hectic day ahead. You no longer need that snooze button! Check out these wake up light reviews to see what I mean.

Best Wake Up Light Comparison


Feature: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Variety of brightness levels

Nature Bright

Feature: 4/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Mimics sunrise for warm wake-up mornings


Feature: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

30 minutes timer 


Feature: 3/5

Durability: 2/5

The Highlight:

Gentle alarm to wake you up


Feature: 4/5

Durability: 2/5

The Highlight:

Natural sounds and lights

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Light Therapy Alarm Clock

To get the best wake up light alarm in the morning, you have to keep in mind how you want to be woken up, before you make your purchase. Below are some of the most important things to think about:


Brightness varies widely for the lamps. If you think a brighter light is what you need to wake up, then lamps with higher lux are what you need.

Adjustable Light Settings

Light levels are different for all sleeping times. At night you need no light at all. Before you are drawn in to sleep, the light should gradually get dim. But when waking up, the brightness should gradually increase. Some lamps are automatic while others require manual adjustments.

Alarm Sounds

If you get annoyed by the beeping of alarms and would rather want to wake up in a natural way, you should simply go for the likes of Philips 3500 that use light rather than sound to wake you up.

Appearance Of Lighting

Wake Up Light Reviews

  • Adequate snooze time
  • It is flexible enough to simulate sunset and sunrise lights
  • No replacement needed for the bulb
  • Two alarm settings are available
  • A variety of different wake up sounds
  • The warming system is insensitive to seasons i.e. it is the same for both winter and summer
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Waking up to multi-coloured sunlight simulations would brighten my day more than plain lighting, don’t you agree? The Philips wake up light lets you do that. You can even simulate a sunset for when you’re going to bed. Another outstanding feature is that the lighting can be trained in such a manner to make you feel drowsy when you drift to sleep. It is very adjustable to any type of sleep related matter you need- giving you enough time to fully wake up in the morning, or making you feel drowsy and fall asleep easily and facilitates your sleep all night long.

This Philips light has about 20 brightness settings, which encourage you to fall asleep or wake up depending on the time of day. Being embedded with a clock system, the brightness adjusts gradually to the natural daylight, hence giving you a smooth waking up transition. Furthermore, you can simply snooze your alarm for a couple more minutes on a lazy day- not worrying that you’ll fall back asleep fully because the room is too dark.

The cost is pocket friendly. And furthermore, it has a radio for you to listen to when you are at home.

  • LED diffusion lenses that shield your eyes from bright light- protects from injuries
  • Portable enough to enable you to use it anywhere in the world
  • Has battery backup
  • Clock display lights turn off at night to avoid distracting you
  • Provides good light therapy features
  • Buttons are non descriptive- difficult to program
  • Light can get cooler rather than a warm glow
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The Nature Bright Sun Bliss provides easy portability which makes it easy to shift its position around the room. LED lighting design provides some safety measures. The LED lens feature ensures safety from harsh bright lights. It also makes the alarm clock durable since it does not has to be replaced as frequently as many other gadgets.

This device is outstanding, especially during winters. It portrays the exact features of sun and by the use of wake up light feature, makes you feel that you are waking up to a bright sunny morning. Very amazing experience to go through on every winter morning.

Even though this wake up light alarm clock has a lot of amazing features, you should be prepared to study the instruction manual. It seems that the buttons on the clock are not very descriptive, and programming your different settings may be hectic. The manual is easy to follow, however, and once you get a hang of it, it’s easy peasy.

  • Magnificent sunrise lights simulations
  • Adjustable brightness of up to 200 lux
  • LED lights
  • Back up alarm
  • The general appearance of Philips 3500 is simply attractive
  • It also works as a bedside lamp
  • Lack of sunset simulations limits its functionalism to only waking up
  • Limited alarm chime sounds
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The 30 minutes timer provides for a gradual transition from low to full brightness- with sunrise simulations to enhance the feel of nature. The backup alarm ensures that no matter what happens, the Phillips 3500 wake up light does its job, of getting you out of the slumber land.

This model emphasizes on waking up by light effects, rather than sound effects. The light shifts smoothly and the quality of light is very calming. We all know that darkness can get obnoxious and scary; but with the Philips 3500 wake up light, you never have to dread the winter darkness since the moment you wake up, the room is safely lit.

Unfortunately, this wake up light is only designed to use for one purpose- to wake up. Some wake up lights have the ability to help you fall asleep as well. There aren’t any sunset simulations to help you with that. Another downside is that since the clock display lights cannot be turned off, it can easily distract you before you get to sleep; however, the brightness can be lowered.

  • Various sounds alarms and brightness selections
  • Radio
  • 5 Colours
  • Touch Control
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Multi-functional
  • Relatively few features compared to other wake up lights
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The Amir Wake up Light is a good product if you aren’t a heavy sleeper, but want to be woken up in a ‘not so noisy’ way. Its gentle alarm will ensure a smooth transition from a sleepy head to an active, functional person. The sounds alarm feature allows you to vary between seven different sounds for your alarm clock. The variation is good for when your body starts to get used to a particular sound.

You can set your Amir wake up light so that instead of playing a sound file, the FM Radio switches on. This means you can wake up to the sound of some cool music. In addition to that, the FM radio ensures that you never miss out on important news such as weather updates. The four colours and five brightness selections also adds to the design varieties. With all these options, every time you use the Amir wake up light, will feel like the first time.

Amir wake up light is what you need if you do not want those loud sudden alarms which go off like a fire siren. According to the manufacturer, use Amir Wake up Light if you want to be gently woken up from a deep slumber. The Amir wake up light is a touch controlled multi-functional device. You can use it as an alarm clock, an atmosphere lamp, and an FM radio, or simply as a bedside lamp.

  • 30 minutes light up turn
  • Multiple sound and color options
  • No assembly required
  • 3 power charging options- no batteries
  • Relatively light
  • The lighting is not gradual
  • Digital clock too bright when you use it as a bedside clock
  • You may find instructions in the manual confusing
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The INLIFE wake up light will turn on 30 minutes before your alarm. The light will gradually get brighter and brighter until the actual alarm goes off- giving you enough time to switch it off. If you still happen to be asleep after 30 minutes, the alarm will surely wake you up. This eliminates the need for snoozing, and you can get a more natural wake up call.

There are seven different sounds for the alarm, and it also provides you with a variety of six natural sounds (while the light is gradually getting brighter) to choose from. If you do not like the forest sounds, you can choose the bird’s sounds or the wave sounds among others. It gives you a feel of nature’s beauty.

If you do not have a busy schedule, but already have the alarm clock set, you can switch on the FM radio and relax while listening to your favourite channels. There are also five light options- the colours include red, purple, blue, and warm white. The INLIFE wake up light has three different charging methods. If you do not have a USB then you have the option to use a wall jack. You do not need to have batteries in your INLIFE wake up light, but in case of an emergency electrical failure, you have the option to insert back up batteries.

The type of light projected, or shape of spectrum, is different to different people. Some people might also prefer colourful mornings affected by multi-coloured light sets. The different models of wake up lights differ in the shape and type of light/lighting.

More often than not we feel the need to be woken up. However, there is no worse feeling than a deafening sound in your ears when you are asleep. This is why you need a wake up light that is gentle. Wake up lights transition gently from very dim light to 100% brightness and the alarm sounds are also gentle but will ensure you wake up. If you are a nurse, doctor, teacher, student, or anyone who works in shifts and needs to be at work at specific hours, then you could rely on the wake up lights to ensure you wake up gently and go to work peacefully.

Always be on the lookout for the following for choosing a wake up light that suits your needs.

Best Wake Up Light Alarm: The Bottom Line

The natural rhythm of a body in correspondence to the sun-oriented time is important and should maintain as such in order to have a healthy and psyched up day. This can only be ensured by using the best wake up light alarm clock that gradually sets the body to this natural timing. The conventional alarms are so abrupt and might even lead to cases of stroke or heart attack. The wake up light provides the best kind of therapy that make you fall asleep without using a single dosage of sleep enhancing drugs.

Have you found the best light therapy alarm clock for your needs? Leave a comment below!

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