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Best Down Alternative Comforter

There are a massive number of down alternative comforters available online. This makes finding the perfect one intimidating. All have their slight differences, advantages and disadvantages. We know you want the best non down comforter, and so to make it easier for you we have extensively researched what is available. In this post we present the best down alternative comforter reviews so that you can relax and choose the right option for you.

How The 5 Best Down Alternative Comforters Compare

Utopia Bedding

Features piped edges and box stitching to prevent shifting of the fill

Hypoallergenic meaning it resists all allergens and dust mites

30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Available in twin, queen and king

Chezmoi Collection

Features piped edges and has corner tabs to allow easy anchoring of duvet cover

Inner fill is 100 per cent allergen resistant

Can be machine washed with care

Available in twin, queen and king sizes


Fill weight is medium - it contains 77 ounces of down alternative fill

Box stitching prevents fill from shifting around

Microfiber polyester fill is hypoallergenic, great for those with allergies

Available in twin, queen and king sizes

Beckham Hotel Collection

High quality stitching for durability and longevity

Inner fill is synthetic and hypoallergenic goose feathers

Machine washable

30 day money back guarantee

​Available in twin, queen and king sizes

Hanna Kay

77 ounces filling is perfect weight/warmth combination

Microfiber cover is wrinkle resistant

Box stitching prevents fill from moving

Moisture resistant & hypoallergenic

Quality guarantee

​What are Down Alternative Comforters?

​Down comforters are a great way to improve the comfort and warmth on your bed by using the fluffy clusters that are found beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. This is the material that helps to keep them warm in cold environments and, by adding it to bedding, will give you the same warmth when you are sleeping on it.

​Of course, not everyone can sleep in a bed with feathers because of allergies, and this is where down alternative comforters come in. Rather than being made from down they are, instead, made from synthetic materials such as polyester with the intention of achieving the same effect.

​The use of these materials make down alternative comforters much easier to maintain and clean, and won’t result in clumps forming after washing. They are also much cheaper, because actual duck or goose down comes at a premium, and come in just as many different varieties and options as their down filled counterparts.

​With the right blend of synthetics, they can be just as comfortable too, but you will probably find that they are not quite as warm as if you had a comforter that is fully made from actual down.

​Are Down Alternative Comforters as Warm as Down Comforters?

​With down comforters being made from actual down taken from a duck or a goose, and down alternative comforters using synthetic materials to provide the same qualities, it’s worth asking if they are just as effective because the fabrics being used have slightly different qualities.

​The simple answer is they are not as warm as what you would get with a comforter made from proper down. The down that comes from beneath a goose's feathers comes in very dense clumps, and is their natural defense against the cold when in the wild. It protects them against freezing temperatures and, as a result, is incredibly effective at maintaining warmth.

​When used in bedding the down retains your body warmth, which creates a lovely, cozy, environment for you. The synthetic materials used in down alternative comforters, on the other hand, are not as efficient when it comes to this. Polyester, even if it is arranged in the same way, does not have such heat retaining qualities, so it won’t keep you quite as warm.

​It’s worth noting that this trade off does give you a product that is much easier to maintain and clean, though, and avoids triggering any allergies you may have.

How to Wash Down Alternative Comforter

Down alternative comforters are used in place of a duvet, so are intended to be put inside a cover that will be the layer that accumulates the most dirt and can be easily washed. With this being said they are designed to be washable too, but most manufacturers say that this is not a frequent requirement, with once every year or so being more than adequate except for ones that are intensely used or have been soiled. The synthetic materials mean that they will wash easily and, unlike comforters that have been filled with true down, don’t risk clumping.

If you want to clean yours- if it has been soiled or is starting to smell, the process is simple. Ideally you would wash one in a front loaded washing machine, because top loading machines use an agitator to rotate the contents, and this might pull on the fabric or even tear it. Down alternative comforters are full of soft synthetic materials, and these will absorb a large amount of water while being washed.

This increase of weight can strain top loading washers and potentially even break the motor by adding too much resistance to the agitator, so that is another reason why a front loader is better suited for the job. If you don’t have a front loading machine to hand, it may be worth your while going to a local laundromat to use one of theirs instead.

You don’t need to use very much detergent at all- in fact if you use too much it will become very difficult to rinse it out afterwards. After adding a small quantity, you should set it on a wash cycle as normal, but we’d recommend going through two rinse cycles to make sure the suds have been fully washed out.

Dry the Comforter Properly

Because the materials are so good at absorbing water, the most important part of the washing process is ensuring that you fully dry it out at the end. The best way to do this is to use a low heat or air dry setting on your dryer, and take things slow. After each cycle you should remove the comforter and fluff it up to prevent the materials from clumping together and then put it back in to dry some more.

It’s vital that you don’t allow it to stay damp once you are done, because this can result in the growth of mildew. This is also the reason why you should never line-dry your comforter, because it can also encourage the growth of mildew.

Best Down Alternative Comforter Reviews

  • Available in twin, queen and king
  • Features piped edges and box stitching to prevent shifting of the fill
  • Durable enough to be used on its own or place inside a duvet cover
  • Very comfortable and soft
  • Hypoallergenic meaning it resists all allergens and dust mites
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee
(Click Image to Learn More)

The best selling down alternative comforter on Amazon, this Utopia Bedding comforter has hugely positive customer feedback. The price is right and you will struggle to find better value anywhere.

The fill is a silliconized fiber which while more like a foam then down feathers is extremely plush and comfortable. It arrives in a vacuum sealed bag but once opened quickly puffs up in front of you. Many customers have commented on how incredibly soft and comfortable this comforter is. It will keep you nice and warm, but not too hot meaning you can use it all year round.

One of the best features of this best down alternative comforter is that is naturally resists allergens and dust mites. That is, it is hypoallergenic. This makes it perfect for families with sensitives to allergens. 

While the feedback is not 100 per cent positive, the vast consensus is that this comforter is a great deal. In rare cases the stitching has been poor and some clumping of fill occurred. However with the 30 day money back guarantee you have time to check the quality. If you are unfortunate to receive a rare defect, you can return it no questions asked. 

  • Available in twin, queen and king sizes
  • Luxurious goose down alternative
  • Box stitching prevents the shifting of inner fill
  • Features piped edges and has corner tabs to allow easy anchoring of duvet cover
  • Inner fill is 100 per cent allergen resistant
  • Machine washable
(Click Image to Learn More)

This is another easy choice if you want a great comforter. Very similar to the above Utopia Bedding comforter, the price difference is negligible and it comes down to individual preference. 

This down alternative comforter comes with glowing customer feedback. There are a couple instances of unhappy reviews, though this is the case with any product. What people love about this comforter is its warmth and comfort. Despite being thinner  and lighter than a down comforter, it is just as fluffy and warm. It can be used year round and has the massive advantage that it can be machine washed at home. A down comforter will need professional dry cleaning, which can become costly overtime. This comforter however can be washed at home. Some customers have noticed a small amount of bumpiness after the washing, but overall it holds up very well.

The comforter is made from 100 per cent polyester. This has the advantage that it is completely hypoallergenic. If you are an allergy sufferer and are worried about your reaction to the comforter, you can relax knowing that you will sleep just fine with this. Some customers have even said that despite being polyester, this comforter is much softer than a cotton comforter.

The durability is also high with the edges being double stitched. Overall this is a sound choice for a down alternative comforter.

  • Available in twin, queen and king sizes
  • Microfiber polyester fill
  • Fill weight is medium - it contains 77 ounces of down alternative fill
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Box stitching prevents fill from shifting around
  • Machine washable
(Click Image to Learn More)

If you want to spend a little bit more to get some extra quality, this is the down alternative comforter for you. For slightly more money this is a product well worth the cost. The customer feedback is incredibly positive with just a very few negative comments. Some customers have gone as far as to say this is the best online purchase they have ever made. That's some serious comforter love!

First to address the negative comments. The theme among them is the comforter's ability to hold up to washing. It seems for some, that despite following the washing guidelines the comforter broke apart in the wash. While this did happen in some instances, they are by far in the minority and some other customers have commented that they have had the comforter for years with no washing problems. It seems that the minority had some very bad luck and so this shouldn't deter you. 

The best thing about this down alternative comforter is the comfort. It is gloriously soft and fluffy, and incredibly snug to sleep in. Perfect for all climates, it is weighted just right to provide the perfect combination of warmth and weight. Like the other comforters listed here it is also 100 per cent allergen resistant: perfect or allergy sufferers. 

One look at this best down alternative comforter reviews and you will be convinced. For the price is it great value and should give you years of comfort.

  • ​Available in twin, queen and king sizes
  • Comes in a variety of different color options
  • Inner fill is synthetic goose feathers
  • 100 per cent allergen resistant
  • High quality stitching for durability and longevity
  • Machine washable
  • 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee
(Click Image to Learn More)

If you want a down alternative comforter in a different color to plain white, we can recommend this brand. The quality of the comforter is overall very good. In some cases there are complaints about the size of the comforter. However this is often the case with comforters. Many brands make their comforters to fit exactly the top size of the bed. The best way to avoid this is to purchase one size larger. By doing so the comforter will hang off the sides of the bed and will give you some extra protection against partners who steal the cover from you during the night.

One thing to note about this down alternative comforter is that it is quite thin. We don't recommend it for cold climates, but for everywhere else it will do just fine. It may be thin, but it is still very warm. Made from polyester it is very soft and comfortable. Allergy sufferers can also sleep safely knowing that it is allergen resistant.

The comforter arrives tightly packed in a plastic seal. When you open it you will notice a slight odor. This is normal: you need to let the comforter breathe for a few hours to allow this to dissipate. You may also want to wash it before use to fully maximize the fluffiness. A great tip is to add a couple tennis balls to the dryer. This amplifiers the fluffiness. 

  • Moisture resistant and hypoallergenic filling
  • Box stitching to prevent fill from moving
  • Microfiber cover is wrinkle resistant
  • 77 ounces filling for the perfect weight/warmth combination
  • Quality guarantee
(Click Image to Learn More)

This down alternative comforter delivers bucket loads of soft comfort at a fantastic price. Being slightly cheaper than the other best down alternative comforters you may want to choose this. While cheaper it gives you a lot of value. 

Almost all the customer reviews are highly positive. In fact the few negative reviews mostly say that the comforter was too warm to be termed 'year round'. This is not really a negative if you are aware in advance. 

Though a polyester fill which doesn't exactly feel like down, it is very fluffy and plush. Hundreds of happy customers have commented on how soft and comfortable it is. The quality of the stitching is high with double stitching used on the edges and the box stitching. 

This comforter also comes with a quality guarantee so you can rest assured knowing that you are making a very low risk purchase. For the price, this comforter is hard to beat.

  • Available in twin, queen and king sizes
  • Goose down alternative polyester fill
  • Cover is 300 thread count Egyptian cotton
  • Box stitching for prevention of fill shifting
  • Hypoallergenic and machine washable
(Click Image to Learn More)

This down alternative comforter is the most luxurious of those listed here. The price is accordingly higher but is well worth it. What you are getting with this comforter is a higher degree of quality. Also the cover is made from 300 thread count Egyptian cotton adding extra comfort.

If you want superior comfort and plush softness than this comforter will not disappoint. It is very warm, yet lightweight at the same time. Some customers found it to be too warm for summer but generally everyone loves it and uses it year round. 

As you would hope with a more expensive product, the durability is high and it will hold up well to machine washing as long as you follow the washing guidelines. Many customers have stated that they have used this comforter for years with no issues what so ever. The one drawback which should be mentioned is the material has a slight tendency to make a crunchy sound. For example when you move around during the night the rustling of the material makes a slight scratchy sound. This is due to the finish on the Egyptian cotton cover. It is irritating to some, but most look past it. 

  • Available in twin, queen and king sizes
  • Comes in a large variety of reversible color options
  • Polyester inner fill is hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
(Click Image to Learn More)

This is another strong choice for those that prefer some color variety. Available in different combinations, the comforter is reversible to add some variety to your bedroom. Of course you can also put it in a duvet cover - the choice is yours.

As far as the colors go, the customer feedback is very positive. While some products have deceiving product images, in this case the color you see in the images are quite accurate. The quality is also as you would hope. The stitching is overall very good and the comforter does hold up well. Though a few customers have had issues with the longevity.

When purchasing this down alternative comforter be aware that it is a polyester material and as a result feels slightly like plastic. Some customers have complained that is has a sleeping bag feel. However most really love the softness and have been so impressed that they bought additional comforters for their family members. Polyester does also have the big advantage of being hypoallergenic.

This is not the best choice for extra cold climates. It is quite thin and lightweight. Despite this it is more than warm enough for the majority of the country and if you live towards the South it can be used year round. Overall, it is a very good option and comes highly recommended. 

The Final Word

This post is the results of our extensive research into the available online down alternative comforters. We are confident that all are high quality and will not disappoint. However we always suggest that you take the time to read some actual customer reviews before making a final decision. We hope you found our best down alternative comforter reviews useful and were able to find the right pick for you.

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