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best bed bug mattress cover

Few things are more terrifying than imagining tiny, creepy crawlies reeking havoc on your mattress and blankets while you slumber away at night. Everyone has had at least one nightmare about a bug having free reign to crawl across you in your sleep. How do you fight that? In short: the best bed bug mattress cover.

And if you don’t know where to start to make your bed bug nightmares disappear, we’ve got a list of the best bed bug mattress encasement options out there to help you get a restful night’s sleep and keep it that way.

How They Compare

Sleep Defense System

Proven, 100% waterproof

Stretches to fit any mattress depth up to 18 inches

Resistant to allergens for those with asthma or respiratory issues

Self cooling material to avoid trapping heat

Utopia Bedding

Vinyl free and waterproof

Fits all mattresses without excess material

Machine washable and user friendly maintenance

Zipper & Velcro guard keeps encasement secure over mattress


100% waterproof

Fits snug to the mattress to prevent bed bugs getting in

Smooth material that does not crinkle with use over time

Hypoallergenic material for those with respiratory issues


100% waterproof

100% terry cotton material for max comfort

Completely noiseless and crinkle-free mattress encasement

Hypoallergenic against bacteria, allergens, mold, and other irritants

Nestl Bedding

100% waterproof

Zippered Velcro protection, stretches to fit mattress and keep bed bugs out

Self cooling material keeps from locking in heat

Fire retardant, soft microfiber material

What Defines The Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement?

The big things to look for, in short, are:

  • Size that matches up to your needs—don’t estimate! This part matters
  • How user friendly is it? Do you need something machine washable?
  • What’s the delivery time, on average?
  • How much does shopping add to the total cost?
  • Is it made out of safe material for the entire family?
  • What do the user reviews look like?
Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

So you’ve done your research and perhaps even tested out a couple of mattress encasements and decided to get one, but where do you start? It’s not just about what the mattress can do (or what it promises it can do) or even the specifications. There’s more to purchasing one of these protectors than deciding it’s a fit (literally and figuratively) for your mattress needs.

First of all, pay attention to the price. While you may want to spring for the cheaper options, remember that you get what you pay for. Even if you’re shelling out some more dollars for something, you’re going to get a great return on it, in most cases. The other thing you really want to watch for is the warranty information.

Not everything goes according to plan. Manufacturer’s warranties will protect against defects upon arrival and keep you from feeling like you wasted your money on a product that showed up broken in the first place. Some will even have warranties to protect against the product not living up to expectations. Warranties aren’t just fine print or something to ignore. They can save you time and money in disastrous situations.

As for the product specifications? The most obvious and first step is to make sure you’re getting the right sized item. Mattresses can be tricky and accidentally buying a full sized encasement for your queen size bed can be frustrating and embarrassing. So check the dimensions, this includes length and depth sizes, not just whether it fits a twin, full, or queen size mattress type. Though sizes are generally standard, there can be nuanced differences that could be costly when fighting bed bugs looking for any crevice to exploit.

Take your time and do that research. The perfect mattress encasement may not jump out at you, but there’s a lot of factors that could go wrong or poorly if you don’t pay attention to detail while conducting your research. And take product reviews seriously, these are people who bought and used the items, and they may have a lot to say, good or bad, about how well it functions against its advertised promises.

Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover Reviews

  • Proven, 100% waterproof
  • Independent testing confirmed repellent to bed bugs
  • Stretches to fit any mattress depth up to 18 inches
  • Resistant to allergens for those with asthma or respiratory issues
  • Self cooling material to avoid trapping heat
  • 100% polyester for peak softness
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If you’ve had your house sprayed down for bed bugs and need insurance on keeping those little guys away from infesting your mattress a second time (and want to avoid throwing away a perfectly good mattress), then this encasement is a solid option for price, size, and quality of material. This cover comes with a lot of great bonuses, many of which can be seen above.

One of them is the waterproof nature of the encasement. It’s a nice touch to add waterproofing to a bed bug mattress encasement. Another great feature is the allergen resistant nature of the material and the membrane. It keeps away not only bed bugs, but other creatures that can spring an allergic reaction. So the bonuses on this mattress cover definitely make it a good buy for the price.

However, there are some word of warnings for this one and it comes in the form of the structure of the cover itself. Bed bugs and allergens, while kept at bay by the material of the membrane, can slip through the zipper pockets on the side and even make those gaps there home. So you’ll want to consider that before buying and keep an eye on those areas. The encasement has also been noted to not stand up to years of use.

  • Fits all full size mattresses without excess of material
  • Zipper and Velcro guard keeps bed bug encasement secure over mattress throughout the night
  • Machine washable and user friendly maintenance
  • Vinyl free and waterproof
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One of the first great things about this best bed bug mattress encasement is that, while it is waterproof, it lacks any sort of uncomfortable, plastic feel that usually comes with a waterproof cover. To give you some comfortable peace of mind, its soft material is designed to be undetectable as a mattress encasement, and will not be a constant reminder of the job it’s performing.

In fact, this encasement works on its own as a protector for mattresses against spills and other possible liquid damage to a mattress (especially the very absorbent memory foam), which makes it a great option for pulling double duty against an infestation of bed mites and bacteria. It’s also been proven to be resistant to tearing and holes (defects bed bugs can exploit) after excessive use and even stretching.

Another great aspect of this one is that it actively avoids creating loopholes and spaces for bed bugs to hide in; like the pockets between the zippers, for example. It does an excellent job keeping them out at all possible points. It is one of the most user friendly options with machine wash capabilities and ease of getting it on and off a mattress.

  • Hypoallergenic material for those with respiratory issues
  • Smooth material that does not crinkle with use
  • Fits snug to any queen mattress to prevent bed bugs getting in, or out
  • Water tight zippers to prevent liquid damage or bed bug access
  • 100% waterproof material encases entire mattress
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When you get a mattress encasement, you need to think about more than just function (strange as that may see). If an encasement is a perfect barrier against bugs and water damage but incredibly uncomfortable, what’s the point? You’re trading one reason for lost sleep for another. So that’s where this LUCID Encasement comes in.

This mattress encasement makes zero noise during use. None of the telltale crinkle sounds found with most waterproof mattresses can be found here. A bed bug encasement disguised as nothing more than a mattress cover is a great buy. It’s also been proven to prevent stains and damage to the mattress underneath, despite spills on or damage to the encasement itself.

It also works fast. Sometimes it can take weeks or months for mites to eventually give up or die out while trying to cleanse them from your mattress. But the LUCID helps to fight the problem instantly. It’s a fast working encasement that’ll get you a good night’s sleep again in no time. In fact, there’s virtually no pitfalls to this option and is certainly something to consider to take care of your nighttime critter problem. This is a strong choice for the best bed bug mattress cover.

  • Completely noiseless and crinkle-free mattress encasement
  • Hypoallergenic against bacteria, allergens, mold, and other irritants
  • Completely bed bug proof, seals off against bed bug invasion
  • 100% terry cotton material
  • 100% waterproof against spills, perspiration, bodily fluids, and stains
  • Free of harmful chemicals and other toxic materials
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If you want bang for your buck on all possible fronts when it comes to purchasing the a mattress encasement, then this is the mattress protector to go with. This one protects against virtually everything from bedwetting to allergen attacks in the middle of the night. And the best part? While it seems like a jack of all trades might not excel in each category, this one does.

You can purchase this to combat bedwetting, excessive sweating, or even possible liquid spills. You can get it as a way to combat allergies and possible asthma attacks at night. Or you can get it as your way of defending against bed bugs in the dead of night. No matter what you get this protector for, it’s an excellent buy. It’s designed to be your first and last defense against everything that could damage your mattress and your sleep.

While this is machine washable, take note not to wash it inside out as doing so will damage the protective casing. It also takes quite a long time to dry, so be patient on that front if you need to wash the cover for any reason. It doesn’t shrink from washing and drying and continues to fit over the mattress snugly.

The zippers on this encasement guard against bed bugs slipping through the cracks and getting in that way, unlike many other competitive mattresses. In short, it’s just the best defender against any and everything you could possibly imagine. Looking for best bed bug encasements? This is for you. 

  • Fire retardant, soft microfiber material
  • 100% waterproof
  • Zippered Velcro protection, stretches to fit mattress and keep bed bugs out
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals for those with respiratory issues or severe allergies
  • Self cooling material keeps from locking in heat
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​It’s probably a huge relief to see a mattress cover recommended by healthcare professionals, especially for those plagued with crippling and sometimes scary allergies. This encasement strives to be the safest and best option for those with respiratory sensitivity. And, in a lot of ways, it is.

​The material is very good quality and soft to the touch to avoid any irritation from contact. It’s also fire retardant and free of dangerous chemicals. It’s highly recommended as a good choice for children and avoids becoming too hot in the summer with breathable, wicking material and polyester.

​But while it succeeds in the realm of hypoallergenic and respiratory sensitivity, it falls short, sometimes, as a bed bug defender. The pit fall in this one, like many, is in the zipper units. In many bed bug mattress encasements, the zipper unit is the weak point mites and bed bugs will exploit. And they have been known to do that in this one. So if you’re looking for a bed bug defender, this may not be the best choice for you.

​But if you’re looking for a mattress cover that keeps out most harmful allergens and possible bacteria, then this is a solid option, especially for any kids in the household.

Best Bed Bug Encasements: The Final Word

Bed bugs are creepy, uncomfortable, and for some even a little bit scary. You don’t want to spend time and money guessing at what is going to be the best option for the best bed bug mattress encasement. You want to get it right the first time and get on with feeling comfortable in your own home, and bed, again. 

It’s not one size fits all, but you can have a one-stop solution to many of your bedtime struggles. So don’t hesitate to start your research now and get on the road to an excellent night’s sleep by doing away with your bedbug problem at its source. Have a question about the best bed bug mattress cover? Leave a comment below. 

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