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best pillow for shoulder pain

Do you wake up with shoulder pain? Does your neck feel stiff and the muscles irritated in the morning? Do you often find yourself struggling to stay comfortable in the night? The answer to your neck and shoulder pain problem may have less to do with “sleeping on it wrong” and more to do with the pillow you use. So, what’s the best pillow for shoulder pain? We’ve got plenty below for you to peruse for all your sleep needs.

Top Pillows For Shoulder Pain Comparison

Cervical Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow 

Full adjustable firmness for customizable comfort

Unique design fit for neck 

​Proprietary gel memory fiber for maximum comfort while sleeping

Orthopedic Pillow For Neck Pain Relief

​High quality memory foam 

Ergonomically designed contour support 

Moisture wicking material for sleeping comfort

Support System for Shoulder Pain

​Combination of foam, cotton, and polyester

​Non-pillow support system to relieve shoulder pain

Number 1 choice from physical therapists

Tri Core Cervical Pillow

Three size options for people of all ages

support for neck and shoulder pain

Highly recommended by medical professionals

SNUZ Ergonomic Bed Pillow 

Designed to fit any sleeping positions

Patented hourglass, two chamber design

​300 thread count cotton for maximum softness

Quick Read

So, now we’re at the point where you make a decision. Above are 5 excellent choices for an orthopedic pillow and your decision should be based upon what you need and what’s going to work for you. If you have specific neck pain, look at the contours of the pillow, what it focuses on cradling, and what it might put pressure on. Many of them are customizable, so that’s something to keep in mind as well while you’re looking.

Do you have needs beyond just the shape? If you need a hypoallergenic pillow you’ll want to pay attention to the ones with fabric (especially the bamboo fabric) that are designed to be, or naturally are, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and mites. If you’ve got compounding issues of allergies and pain, there’s pillows out there to tackle both issues.

If size is another issue, you’ll want to pick a size in any of the above pillows that works for you and your bed. Most of them come in more than one size and there’s bound to be one that fits your needs as exactly as possible. It’s all about research.

All of these pillows are available at great prices and some nifty packaging practices (many come rolled up and will “inflate” upon being opened, which is a fun process to watch). By and large, though many of these pillows are available through doctors and retail, getting them at an Amazon price is the best bet. It’s the same quality, best pillow for side sleepers with shoulder pain, for around half the price and more user friendly shipping options.

Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain Reviews

  • Full adjustable firmness for customizable comfort
  • Proprietary gel memory fiber for maximum comfort while sleeping
  • Unique design fit for neck and skull shape
  • 100% machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic and mite resistant
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This is the pillow that can’t be beat when it comes to form fitting to your exact head, neck, and shoulder needs. It’s got an incredibly unique design that’s meant to be customizable to your firmness standards and the shape and contours of your shoulders and head. It’s also exceptional as a best pillow for side sleepers with neck and shoulder pain.

But, it also works for all kinds of sleepers thanks to its unique and highly tailored design. For those who are sensitive to allergies, it works exceptionally well to keep the irritants at bay and is 100% resistant to mites and other possible invaders in your bed.

The adjustable settings are many and give you a range of options to find the one that eventually works for you. Ultimately, what makes this pillow great is the various ways it can be made to work for anyone and everyone with neck or shoulder pain. It’ll relieve the stress carried in those muscles for any and all types of sleepers.

  • High quality memory foam
  • Ergonomic contour support with unique butterfly shape
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo casing
  • Moisture wicking material for a cool night’s sleep
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Looking for the best pillow for side sleepers with neck and shoulder pain? This pillow, like many of the pillows on this list, is made from memory foam. But it’s a notably softer make of memory foam that doesn’t hold the same amount of density as other pillows. And this lack of density serves two great purposes: first it keeps the pillow cooler throughout the night and second, it helps to cradle the neck without pushing back on it. It’s excellent for giving a soft touch to neck pain while it heals and rests.

The shape of the pillow is also a great asset. The unique butterfly shape helps to elevate the head and shoulders in a way that allows for restfulness without pain or strain. It also centers all of your weight to keep you from putting too much pressure in any one spot of your shoulders and neck. However, some has said the unique shape doesn’t always work for them.

Some have had minor complains about the shape of the pillow and even asserted that it causes more strain than other pillows because of the elevation. Though those complaints are few, it’s something to think about before you decide on this pillow.

  • Combination of foam, cotton, and polyester
  • Non-pillow support system to relieve shoulder pain
  • Shoulder pain specific support system
  • Soft density
  • Number 1 choice from physical therapists
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So, sometimes your sleep discomfort is a little less passive than you thought. If you’ve had severe pain or injuries to your shoulder that’s lead you to seek out treatments from a doctor, then this support system is one of the best recommended sleep aids for your shoulder pain.

This is NOT a pillow. It’s meant to be used alongside your pillow to get you sleeping in a way that will help the strain on your shoulder heal properly. It’s among the best pillows for side sleepers with shoulder pain and works for injuries, arthritis, and chronic conditions.

However, it is a sleep aid that takes some getting used to. It functions as something of a ramp to sleep with your shoulder elevated. Your pillow is used overtop of it and that can mean for some serious getting used to for those who aren’t too familiar with sleeping in this position. But after a few nights, it should help to begin relieving stress and pain in the shoulder area.

  • Highly recommended by medical professionals
  • Three size option allows for use by people of all ages
  • Three different areas of support for neck and shoulder pain
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This cervical pillow is not only a great buy on Amazon, but has been sold in chiropractor’s offices as the go to choice for neck and upper back pain for sleeping. The shape allows for a cradle of the head while the puffy edges allow for support and comfort for the neck and shoulders. It takes care of the entire package in one, great pillow.

It’s got a seriously good track record at relieving neck pain. Though, like other pillows, there is a period of adjustment where you need to get used to the unique feel of this pillow, but once you do it will be incredibly worth it thanks to the excellent night’s sleep you’ll receive as a result. It might be better to start with the gentle feel over the standard if this is your first orthopedic pillow.

It also molds well to your contours, serving you and allowing for tailored fit support throughout the night.

  • Designed to fit any and all sleeping positions
  • Patented hourglass, two chamber design
  • 300 thread count cotton for maximum softness
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This pillow, though it works for any sleeping positions, is perfectly designed to help the side sleeper avoid shoulder discomfort and pain. In fact, it is a strong choice for the best pillow for side sleepers with shoulder pain. Not only do the two chambers help alleviate stress, but some users even noted it helped to avoid cutting off circulation to the arm you sleep on when on your side. For those who aren’t side sleepers though, it works well as a pillow to use while sleeping on your back.

Though it’s softness/firmness level is customizable, it comes with a nice balance between the two and holds up to repeat use. It’s been used for those with chronic pain from stress, injury, or arthritic pain. It’s also a great pillow for those fearful of getting used to a new, unique shaped pillow since it mimics the shape of a real pillow as close as possible while still being comfort friendly for neck pain.

However, some have noted that, while the pillow worked fine and served as a nice relief, it wasn’t a big change in pain and didn’t go above and beyond for muscular stress. It’ll do the trick, but might not be the answer for longer term, bigger neck and shoulder pain issues and injuries. Still, it’s certainly worth the price and no one has come away unhappy yet.

Bringing It All Together

​Neck, shoulder, and upper back pain can ruin your sleep night after night. And it doesn’t have to. No matter how you sleep, there’s an orthopedic pillow out there for you. So do your research, find the best pillow for shoulder pain for you, and sleep soundly for the first time in a while!

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