🥇🛌🏻Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews in 2024

Wouldn't it be great if you could find sheets as soft as silk and as comfortable as cashmere, that didn't heat up during the night? Thankfully, the best bamboo sheets do just that! Bamboo sheets are the best sheets in the world.

best bamboo sheets

They are incredibly soft and comfortable, and are highly breathable. This results in temperature control that will keep you cool all night. What makes bamboo sheets even better is that they are hypoallergenic, meaning they repel all allergens and dust mites. If that isn't enough, bamboo happens to be one of the most sustainable materials on the planet

In this buying guide, we outline the benefits in detail and provide the best rated bamboo sheets reviews

Our Favorite

Linenspa Ultra Bamboo Sheet Set
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Silky soft and incredibly comfortable for the best sleep

Bamboo rayon fabric regulates temperature and keeps you dry

Available in all sizes and multiple colors

How The Rest Compare

Zen Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

  • ​4 pc set
  • All sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • 40% bamboo / 60% microfiber
  • Organic materials

Cariloha Crazy Soft 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

  • ​4 pc set
  • All sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • 100% rayon from bamboo
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Malouf 100% Rayon From Bamboo Set

  • ​4 pc set
  • All sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • 100% rayon from bamboo
  • 5 year warranty

Royal Hotel Silky Soft  Sheet Set

  • All sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • 60%/40% viscose from bamboo & cotton 
  • 90 day warranty

Egyptian Bedding Sheet Set

  • ​4 pc set
  • All sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • Rayon from bamboo / Egyptian cotton blend

What are Bamboo Sheets?

​Bamboo may not immediately stand out as the ideal material to make bed sheets from, but the fibers offer some unique properties that add to comfort and durability.

​Before you think these sheets will be uncomfortably tough, the manufacturing process involves breaking down the plant to a soft mulch that is then dried out and becomes perfect for threading into material to be used in bedding and clothing.

​In fact, many people feel that the resultant fabric is much smoother, softer, and comfortable than cotton. The resultant cloth is also thick and durable, which means it will last much longer than other products.

​The most important thing when looking at sheets for bedding, though, is the comfort, and bamboo sheets do not disappoint. The silky non-slip finish feels wonderful as you sleep, and the bamboo fiber also provides other benefits. These include temperature regulation and antibacterial effects that keep you feeling cool and fresh throughout the night, and eliminate the odors that can build up over time.

​Bamboo is also an environmentally sustainable source. Admittedly the process used to turn it into linen is not always so good for the environment, but the growth of the plant is very easy and produces far more than cotton does without the need for nasty pesticides.

Are Bamboo Sheets Good, Or Are They Overrated?

When you think of the right bed sheets, you’re probably often drawn to the sleek softness of Egyptian cotton or the warmth and cozy quality of fleece in the winter. But there’s more than one type of fiber in the world that can make your sleep experience as comfortable as possible.

When you think of bamboo, you probably don’t imagine a fluffy, queen size bed. A piece of wood probably has more in common with bamboo than a fitted fleece sheet right? Well, you’d be surprised. Though the hard shoots of the bamboo plant aren’t actually used in this process, the grass-like plant that grows around these shoots is. In fact, these long fibers are ideal for the intricate and tight weaving that goes into the creation of the perfect bed sheet.

So are bamboo sheets good, or are they overrated?

How It’s Made

Starting from a production standpoint, bamboo plants already have an edge on cotton. They require less water maintenance than cotton, and the fiber yield per plant is much stronger. This makes it a bit more sustainable from a resource perspective when you’re utilizing less labor and fewer materials to produce more product.

Science Behind the Fibers

Another awesome quality of bamboo sheets, beyond the fact that they’re among the softest linen you can buy, is they’re naturally repellent to bacteria and germs in a way cotton is not. The fibers are also naturally resistant to odors, and are less likely to hold onto smell after use. To this end they also serve as a good hypoallergenic option for those with intense allergies and the softness makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The fibers thermo regulate and breath in a way cotton does not. Cotton is designed to absorb water and oils from the human body, causing it to adhere to the temperature given off by the user. Bamboo fibers are resistant to temperature change regulated by the body to stay cool even on the hottest nights.

Chemical Blends vs. Organic

There are some downfalls, of course. Bamboo fiber sheets have a history of using chemical blends within the fiber weaving. But that has, however, recently been disbanded by many companies to produce certified organic bed sheets that are free of chemical treatment. In fact, the plant itself is so easy to grow that even when it’s not grown in a controlled, organic environment, it’s usually free of any chemical enhancements or pesticides right from the start.

On the contrary, cotton is notorious as one of the most treated crops in the world. It’s loaded with pesticides to keep bugs away that are drawn in by the moisture rich environment in which cotton needs to thrive.

What About Washing?

Another drawback for bamboo, however, might be the very thing that makes them irresistible. The soft fibers are very fine, which means you need to pay attention to your washing methods. Rough and excessive washes could wear down the material and cause damage. You also want to avoid enhancing any shrinkage factor with over washing and drying. Most commercial businesses do not utilize bamboo sheets due to their delicate nature and susceptibility to wear from excessive use.

But another good aspect of these sheets? The pull factor is almost zero thanks to the tightly woven pattern on the material. Blended bamboo sheets might not be so resistant to pull, but 100% organically created bamboo sheets will withstand use without pulls or tears in the fabric. This also gives it long life if the proper care is given to the washing and drying process.

The soft quality will also linger long into your use of the sheets without shedding or growing rough. If you need time to be sold before you go out and trade in that traditional cotton for bamboo, get a swatch of fabric and get a feel for the softness and durability of the fabric. You’ll find a unique blend of softness without any sort of slip and get a feel for the constant, cool temps the fibers maintain.

Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton?

When talking about sheets, it seems Egyptian cotton is always the peak of luxury for any linen set. It’s soft, the thread count is high, it’s always been the standard and the product to beat when it comes to comfortable sheets. But it’s no longer the only option when it comes to sleep comfort and the sheets you use.

Back To Basics – Cotton

What are the things that make Egyptian cotton the “king of all cotton”? Well, for starters, it’s known to be incredibly soft and incredibly durable. High thread counts keep it doing its job (like absorbing liquid from the body and withstanding years of use). And it’s often touted that washing the sheets actually makes them more durable and even softer. It’s a breathable fabric as well.

So Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton?

So how does bamboo stack up? Do bamboo sheets even come close to giving Egyptian cotton a run for their money? In short, are bamboo sheets better than Egyptian cotton? It turns out bamboo sheets might just be the best sheets in the world.


First, bamboo sheets are actually quite a bit softer than Egyptian cotton. This seems strange, especially when you compare the thread count (Egyptian cotton may be somewhere in the thousands while bamboo is perhaps 500 tops). But the rayon fiber is naturally soft and has been referred to as the “vegan silk” because it captures the softness of silk without utilizing silkworms to make it.


So, right off the bat we’ve got a contender for the softness quality. But what about the breathability? With a lower thread count, bamboo is going to be very breathable as well and doesn’t have the “slippery” feel that less breathable, silk sheets seem to have. It’s considered to be naturally cool. On that front, it matches up nicely as well.

But does bamboo actually have qualities that Egyptian cotton doesn’t? Are there places where bamboo sheets actually do better than Egyptian cotton? There’s a few things that actually make bamboo sheets a more sustainable choice, from production to ease of comfort once it reaches your home.


Bamboo sheets are, first and foremost, cheaper to produce and require less manual labor and less resources to create. Why is this? For starters, bamboo requires far less water than cotton to grow, which is considered a “thirsty” crop.” For cotton to reach the same fiber quality as bamboo, it needs as much as 20 times the amount of water. On any given day, it needs at least double, if not more, of what bamboo requires.

Further, bamboo is a crop that is quick to grow. While cotton takes weeks and months, bamboo is known to grow several inches every day with limited resources and almost no care. This makes it highly renewable and quicker to produce than cotton, with less labor and less work.

There’s also bamboo’s natural antibacterial quality (something we’ll return to in a bit). This means it doesn’t require pesticides or agricultural chemicals to keep it growing fast and strong. On the flip side, cotton is one of the most heavily treated crops out there. Pesticides are used intensively for all cotton crops and isn’t exactly something you want getting into your bed at night.


What about comfort? We’ve talked about the softness, but bamboo, as mentioned, is naturally antibacterial. This means not only do you not have to worry about any sort of mold or buildup from sweating in the night, but it’s naturally hypoallergenic for those with allergen sensitivity. Further than that, it’s naturally self-regulating in temperature and does not adhere to body temp the way Egyptian cotton does.


It’s not a 100% perfect product, of course. Where Egyptian cotton is incredibly durable and seems to only get more durable with use and washes, bamboo sheets are highly susceptible to wear and tear and require a delicate wash cycle to keep them in shape. They also need to be handled with care when it comes to drying them as well.

So, are bamboo sheets better than cotton? Ultimately, it’s up to you. But there’s plenty of options out there when it comes to the sheets you sleep on, and bamboo is a fast growing, excellent environmental choice that’s just waiting to be discovered. So don’t hesitate, start getting an amazing night’s sleep on your very own bamboo sheets.

Bamboo Sheets Reviews (with Bonus Options)

  • ​Made from bamboo viscose
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Hypoallergenic and odor repellant
  • Deep pockets fit a mattress with up to 18 inch depth
  • 100 per cent life time guarantee
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Cariloha bamboo sheets bring quality to bed. You will not be disappointed with their softness and breathability. Extremely comfortable, many reviewers state that they have never had more comfortable sheets.

These bamboo sheets from Cariloha have incorporated bamboo fibers to offer a product that feels incredibly soft, and is great at maintaining a comfortable temperature. They stay clean for longer than other sheets because they are moisture wicking and odor repellent, and they are also hypoallergenic so are suitable for use by those who suffer from allergies.

Purchasing this product will get you a flat sheet, a fitted sheet that will fit to mattresses of a depth up to 18 inches, and two pillowcases.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • ​Breathable and moisture wicking
  • ​Super soft
  • Odor repellent


  • Costs more than regular sheets
  • ​More delicate than other sheets
  • Unknown environmental impact of production

The production process, that uses bamboo products within the fabric, results in sheets that feel incredibly silky smooth against your skin. The manufacturers claim they are twice as soft as cotton, and judging by the popularity of bamboo sheets a lot of people seem to agree. Once you’ve spent a night sleeping on these sheets you’ll be left wondering how you ever slept on anything else.


  • ​Much more comfortable than cotton sheets
  • You wake up feeling refreshed


  • ​Creases more than other sheets
  • Are more delicate than cotton

The addition of bamboo fibers within the material these sheets are made from gives them the ability to maintain a much more comfortable temperature when you are in bed. This is because they are extremely breathable and encourage greater airflow, as well as being moisture wicking so they remove any sweat that may start to build up.

In combination these effects can result in you feeling 3 degrees cooler than you would with cotton sheets, leaving you cool and fresh throughout the year.


  • Encourages constant airflow
  • Removes moisture (in particular sweat)


  • Won’t keep you as warm in very cold environments

The resistant properties added by the inclusion of the bamboo fibers offer two main benefits. The first is that they are hypoallergenic, so they will not trigger reactions in those who suffer from allergies and struggle with sheets made from other materials.

The second benefit is that the sheets repel odors and bacteria, so you won’t find yourself needing to wash them anywhere near as much as you may find with cotton sheets, as the smells won’t have such a chance to develop.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • ​Odor resistant
  • Bacteria resistant

  • Made from an eco-friendly bamboo fiber blend
  • Organic materials
  • Hypoallergenic and stain resistant
  • Fade and wrinkle resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Dust mite free- even between washes
  • Full range of sizes and colors
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With the addition of Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets to your bed, you will be sleeping in high end comfort and luxury. These bed sheets are a great value for quite a low cost, and with a wide range of sizes and colors you can find a set of Zen Bamboo sheets for any bed.

These sheets from Zen Bamboo are made from a combination of 40% Rayon (that is derived from bamboo) and 60% brushed microfiber. This means they are very soft, encourage airflow, are hypoallergenic, and stain resistant. Bamboo is also a sustainable product that can be easily grown in most areas, and doesn’t necessitate the use of pesticides or other chemicals during farming.

With purchase of this product you will get a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.


  • ​Extremely soft
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​Available in 12 colors
  • Moisture wicking


  • ​More delicate than cotton sheets
  • Made with Rayon, which is a bamboo derivative

The use of materials derived from bamboo mean that these sheets are hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for people who suffer from allergies. I struggle with cotton sheets that feel scratchy and itchy against my skin, but experience none of those effects with bamboo sheets. They also repel bacteria, so they don’t harbor any odors, and are stain, wrinkle, and fade resistant to ensure they remain in pristine condition.

The combination of these features mean that you won’t have to deal with the problem of dust mites, and the sheets won’t wrinkle so ironing will become a thing of the past.


  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​Stain and fade resistant
  • ​Wrinkle resistant
  • Odor resistant

Previously, I have found cotton sheets to feel quite rough against my skin, especially when it has a low thread count, but these sheets with bamboo feel great. They are silky smooth and could probably be the softest sheets many people have ever slept on. This comes from the blend of the rayon fabric with brushed microfiber, which allows for a much greater airflow and, therefore, a much cooler and refreshing night’s sleep.


  • Silky smooth feel
  • Great temperature regulation throughout the year


  • Not so great for use in very cold environments

Some sheets I have used previously require a lot of care and maintenance to look after, but these ones are simple to keep fresh. They don’t harbor odors to anywhere near the same extent as cotton sheets, so they don’t need to be washed as often.

When the time does come to wash them, though, things couldn’t be easier. Simply wash them in the machine and let them dry out. They will stay fresh and mite free before you use them again and, as previously mentioned, they are wrinkle free so there’s no need for ironing or careful folding.


  • Machine washable

  • 100% Rayon derived from bamboo
  • Fitted sheet creates a smooth and wrinkle free surface over the mattress
  • Hypoallergenic- great for sensitive skin
  • Moisture wicking and temperature regulating fabric keeps you cool
  • Silky soft feel
(Click Image to Learn More)

The Linenspa Ultra Bamboo sheet set is the set of sheets your home is missing. These extra soft and comfortable sheets will have you asking why you’ve never purchased bamboo sheets before. And with an affordable price, anyone can add these high quality sheets to their home.

These sheets are made from 100% Rayon, which is a material made from bamboo. Bamboo itself is a completely sustainable crop that can be grown in most environments and doesn’t require the use of nasty pesticides to farm effectively.

Rayon has a number of benefits in comparison to cotton, such as hypoallergenic and moisture wicking properties. This sheet set is available in Queen or King sizes with four colors to choose from, and includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.


  • Amazingly soft
  • ​Hypoallergenic properties
  • Breathable fabric


  • More expensive than cotton sheets
  • Can be more delicate than other sheets

The fabrics these sheets are made from mean that they feel incredibly soft and silky against your skin. I struggle sometimes with cotton sheets that make me itch, but I’ve never experienced this when using bamboo sheets. Linenspa have made these ones with a 250 thread count using a twill weave, and this has produced an exceptionally comfortable product, and it only gets better because they get softer after each wash.

The use of bamboo in these sheets also means that they are hypoallergenic, so if you struggle with allergies, these could be perfect for you. Furthermore, they repel odors and bacteria so they don’t need to be washed as often, and you won’t need to worry about the presence of dust mites.


  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​The 250 thread count makes them very soft
  • Odor repellent


  • Slightly more delicate than cotton sheets

Another thing that’s great about the use of bamboo in the production of bed sheets is that it effectively helps with the regulation of temperature as you sleep. This is because of two properties- the breathability of the fabric and its moisture wicking abilities.

Breathability means that air flows freely about, and removes the warm air from within. This will leave you feeling much closer to the temperature of the room, and much more comfortable. Moisture wicking is great because it removes all sweat from you so you remain clean and fresh.


  • ​Breathable fabric
  • ​Temperature remains comfortable
  • Moisture is removed from you


  • ​Not so great for use in cold environments
  • Moisture wicking can result in the need for more regular cleaning

It’s important to get bedding that fits your bed as tightly as possible so it doesn’t come loose while you’re asleep. Linenspa have put a lot of effort into the design of these sheets to ensure they fit in exactly the way they intended. They are available in Queen or King sizes, and will create a secure fit on mattresses up to 14 inches deep.


  • Perfect fit for your bed


  • Not suitable for small beds or ones thicker than 14 inches

  • Made from rayon
  • Allergen and odor resistant
  • Rayon from bamboo fibers allows for a highly breathable fabric
  • Bamboo fibers are known to regulate temperature effectively
  • Fitted sheets will fit mattress depths ranging 6 to 22 inches
  • ​Large range of sheet sets available
  • Available in white, ivory, ash, citron, driftwood & rain
(Click Image to Learn More)

These Malouf bamboo sheets are excellent value. For a very reasonable price you get some seriously high quality sheets. Lovely and soft, the sheets will keep you comfortable all night. Probably the most loved quality of these sheets is their ability to keep you cool. 

These sheets are made from 100% Rayon, which is a fabric that is produced by processing natural bamboo fibers. First of all, this is much better for the environment, because the farming of bamboo requires no pesticides at all and it can be grown virtually anywhere with a high yield. The use of bamboo means that these sheets are hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and odors, and feel incredibly soft against your skin as you settle down to sleep.

Included within this set of sheets from Malouf are a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. They are available in King or Queen sizes, and there are six different color options to choose from.

  • ​Made from 100% Rayon (from bamboo)
  • ​6 color choices
  • ​Available in King or Queen Size
  • Includes 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillowcases

I have very sensitive skin and often find myself struggling with sheets made from Cotton. When I moved over to using bamboo sheets, however, all these problems stopped in an instant. This is because the materials provide a series of benefits in comparison to others. First of all the sheets are very soft, much more so than cotton sheets. It feels silky smooth against you and makes it easy to get comfortable as you drift off to sleep.

They are hypoallergenic, so they won’t trigger the itches or rashes that can be experienced with other products. The bamboo also adds anti odor and antibacterial properties which further prevents your skin from being agitated, and leaves the bed smelling fresh and clean for much longer.


  • ​Very soft
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • Odor resistant

The Malouf bamboo sheets have been designed to fit perfectly onto your bed to eliminate those problems of sheets coming loose. They have deep pockets to fit mattresses up to 22 inches thick and are fully elasticated so they will stay in place.


  • Fit mattresses up to 22 inches thick
  • Elasticated

Rayon, that is produced from bamboo fibers, is one of the best temperature regulating materials available. This is because the sheets are a lot more porous, which allows air to pass through more freely. This allows the warm air around the sheets to be removed, and you remain at a similar temperature to the room you’re sleeping in. The sheets are also moisture wicking, so they will remove any sweat produced and keep you feeling fresh throughout the night.


  • Breathable material
  • Moisture wicking


Not suitable for use in extremely cold environments

  • 300 thread count
  • 60 per cent bamboo viscose & 40 per cent cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in white, ivory, charcoal, teal, grey, sand, coral, periwinkle, sage, blue, gold, taupe & sky blue
(Click Image to Learn More)

Royal Hotel have designed these sheets with a blend of 60% Viscose (which is made from bamboo) and 40% cotton, to give a product that is incredibly soft and silky smooth. The usage of less cotton and the inclusion of bamboo means that they are hypoallergenic, and they will maintain a constant and comfortable temperature for you throughout the night.

This Royal Hotel sheet set is available in King or Queen sizes with 13 different color options, and includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.


  • ​60% Viscose and 40% Cotton blend
  • ​King or Queen size
  • ​13 color options
  • Includes 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillowcases


  • More delicate than pure cotton sheets

Royal Hotel has designed these sheets with a 300-thread count, which makes them feel virtually as soft as cashmere or silk. This alone makes them incredibly comfortable to sleep in, but the bamboo material adds further benefits.

They are much more porous than pure cotton sheets, so there is an increased airflow to keep you feeling cool throughout the night all year long. They are moisture wicking as well, so they remove the sweat that forms as you sleep to leave you feeling fresh when you wake up.


  • ​Silky soft
  • ​Encourages airflow
  • Moisture wicking


  • Not ideal for use in very cold weather

One problem I suffer from a lot is the itchiness I get from pure cotton sheets as a result of my allergies. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and, with a much lower cotton content, these sheets are ideal for people who experience such issues. They are also highly resistant to dust mites, which are another cause of discomfort while you sleep.


  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • Dust mite resistant

Bamboo sheets are bacteria resistant and, therefore, odor resistant, so you won’t need to wash them as often as is needed with other fabrics. They are more delicate than pure cotton sheets, though, so when you wash them you will need to use a delicate cycle in cold water only. They can be tumble dried, but this must be done at a low heat and they should be removed as soon as they are dry. You mustn’t use bleach because it will damage them.


  • ​Odor resistant
  • Machine washable


  • Need to be treated as delicates

Bamboo is a naturally sustainable crop because it can be grown virtually anywhere, it produces high yields, and doesn’t require the use of pesticides in farming, unlike cotton. While various chemicals are used in treating the bamboo to turn it into a useable material, this has far less of an impact on the environment.


  • Easy to grow crop without the need of pesticides


  • Some chemicals are used to treat the bamboo

  • ​Rayon from bamboo
  • Will fit 14-20 inch deep mattresses
  • Available in white, ivory, sage, blue, navy, red, gold, taupe, beige & grey
(Click Image to Learn More)

​These bamboo sheets are another favorite with the reviewers. Living up to the reputation bamboo sheets have, these sheets are very breathable and will keep you cool all night. They are also soft and people love the 1200 thread comfort they provide.

Being a bamboo blend they are thinner than standard cotton but this does not take away from the quality. Some of the reviewers have stated that they will never go back to Egyptian cotton after using these.​

​With different care instructions to regular cotton sheets, you need to carefully follow the washing guidelines. This may seem tedious to some and if you are looking for sheets that you can just throw into the wash and back onto the bed, you may prefer sticking with cotton sheets.

These sheets have deep pockets to fit over most mattresses and in many cases an additional mattress topper.​ These come highly recommended with some reviewers claiming these are the best sheets they have ever owned.

Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets Set

  • ​Allergen and dust mite resistant
  • 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee
  • 10 year warranty
  • Twice brushed fibers more breathable and soft than cotton

​These  sheets come highly praised by the many happy customers who bought them. A common theme in the reviews is how soft they are. Generally sheets soften up only after the first wash, but these bamboo sheets come soft straight out of the packaging. 

​While the sheets appear thin which may surprise you if you are used to cotton sheets, they are durable and will last you some time. Make sure you follow the washing guidelines and wash in cold water followed by a low, sensitive tumble dry.

A further benefit of these sheets is that they fit over the bed well. This is often frustrating with sheets but these seem to fit well.  For the price, these bamboo sheets are hard to beat. If you want a lower priced option, these are for you.

Brielle 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set

  • 100 per cent rayon 
  • 300 thread count
  • Deep pockets fitting to 17 inch mattress
  • Available in white, ivory, sage, navy, burgundy, brown, camel, royal purple & titanium
  • 3-4 x better moisture wicking than cotton
  • High breathable
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and antiodor

These sheets receive mostly positive reviews mixed with some very negative. On the positive side, they are as most bamboo sheets are: incredibly soft. Lightweight and smooth, they are lovely on the skin. They are also very breathable and will keep you cool during the night.

Interestingly, some find these sheets to be too thin and dislike that they 'cling' to the skin slightly. While this may be the opinion of just a couple customers, you may want to take it into consideration. ​A further drawback for some is that after washing they became a little scratchy and began to pill badly. 

While ​the reviews are heavily positive, the few negative reviews makes us question the quality of these bamboo sheets.  However unlike most 'bamboo sheets' which are a blend of bamboo rayon and cotton, these are 100 per cent rayon. If that matters to you, these are for you.

eLuxurySupply Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set

  • Made from bamboo rayon
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-static
  • 300 thread count
  • Available in white, ivory, sage, blue, gold, taupe, grey & smoke blue

Another bamboo sheets product which receives some mixed reviews. Predominantly positive, the best thing about these sheets are the softness and breathability. You will sleep in soft silky sheets which do not heat up during the night - a much loved quality. 

​Unfortunately, we have to question the durability of these sheets. A common complaint is that after only a few months they start to pill. After a while they seem to feel more like regular cotton fabric sheets, which is not what you want with bamboo sheets. They also appear to have a tendency to ball up after some time during the night. 

While these negative comments are few and far in between, their existence does make us question these sheets as a top choice.

The Best Bamboo Sheets: The Bottom Line

With the best bamboo sheets, you will never sleep the same again. Silky smooth, yet cool and dry, you cannot beat them for comfort. The bamboo sheets benefits are undeniable. We hope this post was informative and that the bamboo sheets reviews will allow you to make an informed purchase. If you have a story to share, we would love to hear it. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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