Friendly Green: How Color Affects Brand Perception

Most people associate green with nature – foliage of shrubs and trees, lush grass and freshness. Bright green – spring, forest color palette is associated with naturalness But not only these associations are used in branding and identity.

Green color in psychology and culture

Historically, green is very familiar to us – our distant ancestors had to look closely to find fruits among the foliage, and before people moved to live in cities, the green color of fields and forests surrounded them daily. When looking at green, the eyes relax, and the brain calms down. That is why green is perceived as one of the most comfortable colors.

We are crossing the road at the green traffic light, so all over the world this color has become stronger in the meaning of “forward”, “you can”: “get the green light” – get permission to perform some task. Interestingly, the green light has been present at the traffic light since its invention, from the time of gas lamps.

Who uses green?

Green is often chosen by brands that want to win over customers in advance and convey the environmental friendliness and naturalness of the product. Companies working in the field of agriculture, producers of seeds or harvesting equipment, want to evoke associations with nature through this color. Travel brands also actively use it to remind you of forests, wild places, and fresh air. Tourism products are also often green to blend in with the landscape without disturbing its harmony.

With its help, medical companies create the impression of safety, care, and besides, this color is historically assigned to the pharmacy business. There are many green brands in other areas related to:

  • technologies;
  • energy;

It is popular among financial companies, banks, and exchanges because it refers to money and growth, including financial growth.

Green saturated shades are often used to design the consent button in interfaces. It is energetic, attracts attention and works as signals: “buy” or “register”, “subscribe”.

We can conclude that the green color is very successful in terms of design. It can also be combined with other bright colors if necessary.

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