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Sleep is pretty darn important. It is supposed to be refreshing and rejuvenating. But sometimes it is really isn't.  When your body is aching and you can't seem to sleep through the night, it's time to make a change. That's where a body pillow can come in and make a big difference. Designed to support your body, the best body pillow will keep your back and hips in a relaxed, neutrally aligned position. This will alleviate your the tension, help against tossing and turning, and make a serious difference to your sleep. Whether you are pregnant, suffer from a sore back, hips, neck or shoulders, or just like extra nestling support, these 7 best body pillow for side sleepers will immediately help you sleep better.

How The Best Body Pillows Compare

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

Great as a maternity or back pain body pillow

Available in full and petite

Easy air flow keeps you cool

Machine washable


Leachco - Total Body Pillow

Design was developed and patented by a registered nurse and mom

Molds to your entire body

Made from 65 per cent polyester & 35 per cent cotton

Perfect for back pain or pregnant mothers

Shredded Memory Foam with Viscose Rayon Cover

Includes a bamboo (rayon)/polyester blend case which is soft and breathable

30 day satisfaction guarantee


Machine washable

Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Casing is made from a rayon/polyester/lycra blend

90 day satisfaction guarantee


Machine washable

20 year warranty

Leachco Back 'N Belly Original Contoured Body Pillow

U shaped design to cradle and support both your back and tumm

Uses inner hour glass curves for snugness and comfort

Keeps your hips in a neutrally aligned position to relieve strain

PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Uses a C shaped design for maximum support in key areas

Perfect for alleviating the aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, lower pack and joints

100 per cent cotton casing with easy zipper removal

Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow

Design for max support in key areas

Good temperature regulation

Removable and washable casing

What are Body Pillows?

woman sleeping with body pillow

Body pillows are elongated pillows, often the size of a mattress, that offers you a much better level of support while you sleep. Some can be over six feet long, but there are a lot of different types available to suit your needs.

If you often find yourself trying to re-arrange a number of pillows in your bed to get comfortable, then you might find that one of these is a much better solution for you. They allow you to quickly get the comfort and support to the areas that need it, and focus on relaxing you so you can fall asleep.

Who are Body Pillows For?

The lack of sleep is one of the biggest contributors to health problems, and can lead to numerous issues during the day. It leaves you feeling tired and stressed, and puts pressures on your body that should be avoided. This is where body pillows come in, because they aim to make you feel more relaxed, make it easier to find a comfortable position, and feel much better throughout the day.

Quite simply, they are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a change and a way to get a better sleep. They are, though, particularly helpful for those who have arthritis, sore muscles, pain in the back, and discomfort from pregnancy.

How Does a Body Pillow Work?

Body pillows are mattress-sized pillows designed to fit up against your entire body. They mold against you and, as a result, are able to provide you with a much greater level of support and comfort than you would otherwise get.

By supporting your spine, hips, and neck they make it much easier to get comfortable, and keep your posture correct so you don’t wake up in the morning with any aches or pains. Whether you sleep on your side, front, or back you will find that a body pillow significantly enhances your comfort.

Different Sleeping Positions

These pillows are very easy to use. If you sleep on your front, you can lie on top of, and hug, the pillow with the top part resting on your shoulder. This will support you all the way down your body and prevent any muscles from straining to keep a constant position.

They work just as well for those who sleep on their backs too. In this case you can use it to cradle your neck and fill in the space between your back and the mattress so your spine is fully supported all the way.

If, like most people, you sleep on your side, then you can use part of the pillow to support your head, hold the rest up close to you, and rest one of your legs on top of it so you are kept in a comfortable and healthy position.

Of course each person will find the best way to sleep with a body pillow that works for them.The main thing the pillow provides is the ability to fill in the gaps that are formed by the curves of your body not being in contact with your mattress. This support removes the reliance on your muscles and skeleton to hold you in position, and allows you to fully relax and not wake up within various pains.

What Types of Body Pillows are Available?

Body pillows are made from the same materials as normal pillows but, because of their size, tend to use synthetics rather than feathers. Depending on the price you are willing to spend, you can get them in a wide range of sizes and materials, and they have all been designed to be easy to clean, usually simply needing to be put on a slow cycle in your washing machine.

​Are Body Pillows Good for You?

​It can be tough at times to find a comfortable sleeping position, and there a lots of different products on the market that promise to help you relax when you’re in bed. Body pillows are one option, and they aim to provide you with an unparalleled level of comfort.

​They are basically oversized pillows designed for your entire body to snuggle inside. Being the size of a mattress, they provide lots of cushioning so you’ll easily find a nice position for a good night's sleep. They aim to mold around your body to provide a good level of support to your back, neck, and hips and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials.

​Quite often the discomfort we feel in bed comes as a result of not having enough cushioning from pillows. Depending on whether you prefer to sleep on your back, front, or side, you may in fact need a pillow between your knees, for example, to give you a better posture, and this is something that body pillows have covered. They allow you to easily get support to the areas that need it, and prevent you from waking up with aches and pains around your neck and back.

How Do Body Pillows Help?

Strains on the different parts of your body occur for two reasons. The first is that your body is twisted and holding your muscles in unnatural positions, the second is that not all of your body is flat against the mattress, and so your muscles need to be tense to hold you in position. Body pillows help with both of these factors.

They fill the gaps between your body and the mattress so every part of you is being supported, and they help you stay in the same position so you don’t get twisted from movement while you are asleep.

Pressure Relief

If you’ve ever found yourself needing an extra pillow between your knees or hugging a pillow, for example, then the use of a body pillow will completely eliminate this because it will provide cushioning to that area. You’ll be able to completely wrap yourself with a body pillow to relieve pressures on all areas and, in the process, will reduce the strain felt in your legs, hips, shoulders and spine.

As well as letting you sleep in more comfortable positions, body pillows increase circulation through your body by allowing your muscles to relax and, as a result, improve the overall efficiency of your time spent asleep.

How To Use Body Pillow for Back Pain

man with back pain using body pillow

There are a number of causes of back pain after sleeping, but the most common is that your spine has not been able to stay in a neutral position overnight. This is essential because it is the only time your back isn’t enduring pressure, and by sleeping in an awkward position you’re virtually guaranteed to feel it the next day.

Lower back pain is more associated with sleeping with your hips out of alignment, and pain higher up is usually linked to not properly supporting your head and neck. The trick with using a body pillow to help with the pain is to use it to find the perfect position, and to prevent you from moving from that position. The ideal posture will be with a straight back and your head and neck in alignment.

Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you will be able to nestle into a body pillow and be supported all of the way along your spine. Your neck and head will be kept at the same level as your back, and this will all minimize any pressures felt. It will also stop you from twisting and turning as much.

Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side you will likely benefit a lot from having a body pillow. It will help to support your head and shoulders to keep them in line with your back, and will nestle nicely between your knees to keep them in place. Quite often, without this support, your upper leg will roll over onto the mattress and twist your spine, which can result in pain within the lower back.

Front Sleepers

Front sleeping is not the best position for posture, even if you have a body pillow, but it will certainly help to reduce the strains felt in your muscles and keeping your back straight. Ideally, though, to get the best out of a body pillow you will sleep on your side or your back.

Do Body Pillows Help During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy, in particular, can throw up a series of challenges when the mother is trying to get to sleep. Whether it be as a result of overheating, restless feet and legs, not being able to find a good position, or the difficulty to adapt to your new body shape and the way it fits with your bedding, it can become virtually impossible to find a relaxing posture and drift off. Luckily, body pillows can help with a lot of these problems.

You can get ones that are made from breathable materials and help with temperature moderation, and ones that offer moisture wicking so you feel cool and refreshed at night. The best thing about using a body pillow during pregnancy, though, is that you will be able to sleep in any position (on your front, back, or side) and feel fully supported.

Side sleeping in particular can be difficult because there will be gaps between you and your mattress, but you will be able to use the body pillow to support your bump, your neck, and your legs. This stops your muscles and skeleton from having to tense to keep you in position, and reduces the stress and chances of waking up with aches and pains.

Best Body Pillow for Back Pain

(Click Image to Learn More)

  • ​Also great as a maternity body pillow
  • Available in full and petite sizes
  • Both are long enough so that you can stretch out and have it support both your front and back
  • Pillow filled with Fusion Foss, a fiber which allows easy air flow to keep you cool
  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic - repels nasty allergens and dust mites
  • Cotton/polyester pillow case
  • 7 lbs (petite) & 9.8 lb (full)

The Comfort U is an excellent choice for those with sore backs and is the best body pillow for hip pain. With its extra length it can comfortably support your whole body. Not only does this stop tossing and turning throughout sleep, it keeps your body in a neutrally aligned, relaxed position which is perfect for your back.

The customer's rave about this pillow in their reviews. They love the size, because it allows them to be supported on either side. Best of all you don't need to roll a huge pillow around every time you change sides. ​

One potential draw back is that a couple of customers find the case slightly scratchy. However this tends to lessen with time as it softens with washing. Also you can easily find an alternative case should you find the scratchiness annoying. ​

There are a huge mix of highly positive reviews for this body pillow. They range from every day 'normal' users, to pregnant women and people who are recovering from surgery. With such a large variety in happy customers, we have no doubt that you will also love this pillow.​

(Click Image to Learn More)
  • Patented by a registered nurse and mom
  • Design molds to your entire body 
  • Made from 65 per cent polyester & 35 per cent cotton
  • Perfect for back pain or pregnant mothers

Another sound choice for anyone looking for the best body pillow for back pain, this product receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

While this pillow is not as large or long as the Comfort U body pillow, the customers love its size. It comfortably supports most people and allows various comfortable sleeping positions. Importantly for back pain or pregnant mothers, it will support your back or tummy so give you a relaxed sleep.​

A couple of reported drawbacks are the tight pillow case which is not the easiest to remove and attach, and that the stuffing tends to clump over time.​ While these complaints are raised, the customers are still giving the product a high overall rating. When it comes to the clumping of the stuffing, this is generally the case with most body pillows and should not deter you too much. If properly cared for and fluffed up often, this can be avoided.

Memory Foam Body Pillows

The properties of shredded memory foam make these two pillows highly credible options:

  • ​Shredded memory foam contours to your body providing excellent support while at the same time being plush, shapeable and very comfortable
  • The inside shredded memory foam allows for excellent air flow which means the pillow stays cool during the night so you don't over heat
  • Shredded memory foam is hypoallergenic meaning it repels allergens. This makes it the perfect material for allergy sufferers

(Click Image to Learn More)

  • Measures 54 x 20 inches
  • Weighs 8 lbs
  • Includes a bamboo (rayon)/polyester blend case which is extremely soft and very breathable
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable

This bamboo body pillow is just about as good as a body pillow can be. The shredded memory foam makes it extremely supportive and super comfortable. While down alternative pillows can clump and slump during the night, this memory foam body pillow will keep its shape and give you lasting support not only throughout the night, but night after night as well. Shredded memory is also easily molded and shaped into the desirable size and position so you can easily tailor it to your needs. ​

One of the best qualities of this pillow is its ability to regulate heat. If you or your partner sleep as hot as a nuclear reactor, this pillow is perfect because it absorbs your heat and keeps you cool.

This is in our opinion the best body pillow for side sleepers, but we are not alone. One look at the customer reviews and you will be sold. They are persuasively positive with some very happy people. Whether you are pregnant, have a sore back, or just want the best body pillow, this is the pick for you.

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  • ​Measures 54 x 20 inches
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Casing is made from a rayon/polyester/lycra blend
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee
  • 20 year warranty
  • Machine washable
  • Weighs 6.9 lbs

This body pillow can be almost directly compared with the above option. It also receives outstanding reviews and is perfect for anyone looking for the best body pillow.

What makes this pillow stand out is the 90 day satisfaction guarantee and 20 year warranty.​ This means that by buying this body pillow, you are taking zero risk. If you don't love it, easily return it. We doubt you would anyway because of the amazing comfort and support it gives you.

Made from shredded memory foam, it is the perfect mix of plush comfort and support. The memory foam will contour to your body so that you receive the support you need all night long​. At the same time, it is soft and plush, and can be shaped into the desirable shape and position. 

What we love most about shredded memory foam body pillows is their ability to regulate temperature. This is even more important with a body pillow than a standard pillow because more of your body is making contact with it. ​ If you have a tendency to get hot during the night, or have a partner who radiates heat, this pillow will save your life. It not only stays cool all night, the bamboo blend case absorbs moisture so that you stay dry too.

Best Body Pillow for Pregnancy

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  • U shaped design to cradle and support both your back and tummy
  • Uses inner hour glass curves for snugness and comfort
  • Keeps your hips in a neutrally aligned position
  • Weighs 7.4 lbs 

What we love about this pillow is its smart design. Being a U shape body pillow it nestles you in and supports both your tummy and back for maximum support. On top of that, the hour glass curves are a really innovative design feature which allow you to snuggle right into the pillow for maximum comfort.

This is an easy choice for a best body pillow for pregnancy. According to the many happy customer reviews, it has made a big difference in the sleep of many pregnant women, but also sufferers of a range of pain conditions.

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  • Uses a C shaped design for maximum support in key areas
  • Perfect for alleviating the aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, lower pack and joints
  • 100 per cent cotton casing with easy zipper removal
  • Satisfaction guarantee

This maternity body pillow has been designed to be as beneficial as possible in alleviating the aches and pains in your body. Made from firm yet comforting padding, this pillow will ease the tension in your body by providing the support and soothing comfort you need.

​This is one of the most popular maternity pillows available today. It receives glowing reviews from the customers who love the tension relief it provides. According to the many happy customers, this pillow is truly a life safer. It is not exclusively for pregnant women, and would definitely suit anyone.

(Click Image to Learn More)

  • Design for maximum support in key areas
  • Design was developed and patented by a registered nurse and mom
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Removable and washable casing
  • Perfect during pregnancy and for sufferers of neck, back or hip pain

The Snoogle is a best body pillow for pregnant women and other pain sufferers alike. While large and firm, its goal is to alleviate your body pains by providing support to keep your body in a neutrally relaxed position.

​This best body pillow for hip pain has made a huge difference in the lives of many pregnant women. One glance over the customer reviews is very persuasive. However one potential drawback to consider is the pillow case. By not using a zipper, the process of washing the case becomes somewhat of an ordeal. Removing it is no problem, but replacing it takes some effort.

The Best Body Pillow Final Word

We hope you are able to find the best body pillow for you out of these 7 options. We want you to get the best sleep possible, and so only review the best available options. If you have something to add, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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