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📚Beating Back the Bedtime Blues

Beating Back the Bedtime Blues

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, your environment may be to blame. Many factors contribute to a good night’s sleep, including soft, comfortable bedding, but some things in our bedrooms, such as smartphones, tend to prevent sleep. While some people naturally cannot sleep because they just can’t get their minds to turn off their […]

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📚Available Forms of CBD for Pets

Available Forms of CBD for Pets

Until decades ago, cannabis was considered an opiate and a dangerous substance. These facts stemmed from the ignorance and insufficient examination of this plant. Nowadays, this stigma is a thing of the past. Hemp is the type of cannabis with the lowest percentage of THC. Over the years, it has become a prized ingredient in […]

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📚Why Sleep Is Key to Your Mental Health

Why Sleep Is Key to Your Mental Health

A good night’s sleep is something we often take for granted or forget about in favor of a night out with friends or an all-night study session. We’ll grab a few hours here and there whenever we can, relying on caffeine to keep us moving through our busy lifestyles, but some new research has shown […]

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📚Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket: Pros and Cons

Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket

In your search to improve the overall quality of your sleep, there’s a good chance weighted blankets have popped up in your research. A multilayer blanket filled with various forms of stuffing (from plastic pellets to micro-glass beads), these blankets have helped millions of people relax, destress, and get an all round better nights sleep.  But […]

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