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📚Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket: Pros and Cons

Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket

In your search to improve the overall quality of your sleep, there’s a good chance weighted blankets have popped up in your research. A multilayer blanket filled with various forms of stuffing (from plastic pellets to micro-glass beads), these blankets have helped millions of people relax, destress, and get an all round better nights sleep.  But […]

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📚An Understanding of Coal Boilers

An Understanding of Coal Boilers

What is Coal?The fact that it takes over a million years to form, it is classified as a non-renewable energy source. This means that it will eventually run out and won’t be made again in our, or many to come in fact, lifetimes.  If you read up about the process and how it all works […]

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📚How To Effectively Combine Work, Rest And Study

How To Effectively Combine Work Rest And Study

Studying on its own is tiring and stressful. The fact that you have to work while you study makes an already bad situation worse. If you cannot find time to rest, you will suffer from physical and mental fatigue, a situation that is likely to get complex, leading to long term issues. provides professional […]

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📚Sleep Science: Most Common Misconceptions

Sleep Science Most Common Misconceptions

Misunderstanding Sleep America in 2019 is a place where the perceived importance of sleep varies vastly depending on the group with which you discuss it. To most teenagers, the 12-hour-sleep is the holy grail of the weekend agenda; to young entrepreneurs and students, however, sleep is a near-fictitious entity, who is only summoned in response […]

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