📚Sleep Guidelines and Helpful Tips During Lockdown

Prior to the imposition of COVID-19 lockdowns, a common desire amongst many was for additional time to catch up on sleep and relaxation. However, after spending numerous weeks confined at home with limited activities beyond sleeping and resting, the general sentiment has significantly shifted.

Common complaints include difficulty in falling asleep and not sleeping well. If you're looking for ways to make the most of your downtime, read on for some helpful sleep guidelines and tips.

Don't Turn Home-work Into Bed-work

Working or learning from home doesn't mean you should do it from your bed. Avoiding your bed at all costs is necessary because your mind associates it with sleeping. If you give in and take a nap while you're working from your bed, it'll throw off your sleep schedule.

When you wake up, air out your bed, make it, and walk away, even if you have the best memory foam mattress with a tempting level of comfort. Such beds help you achieve a deeper level of relaxation so you can sleep better, which you should reserve for bedtime.

Use a different room for work activities if you can. If you're having trouble sleeping at night, get out of bed and do a few relaxation exercises instead of tossing and turning for hours.

Stick to Your Schedule

Maintaining structure is vital for productivity and quality sleep. Even though life is different now, adjusting to the new normal should be your top priority. That means coming up with a schedule and sticking to it.

Set your work schedule as you usually would and make adjustments if necessary. You'll have more time for work since your commute time has gone down to a 2-second walk from bed to your home office. Your sleep schedule should also stay the same, so you can go to bed to rest after a day of work. 

Avoid Naps During the Day

When you're home all day, it's easy for things to blur together, and you find yourself taking a nap when you should be working. Power naps in the afternoon can help you reset, but longer ones later in the day make it harder to fall asleep at night.

Instead of napping when you feel rundown, try stretching your legs and hands and go outside for a few minutes for some fresh air. Light activity helps, too, like exercising at your desk. The less you nap during the day, the better you'll sleep at night.


Before the lockdown, a lot of us didn't exercise because we didn't have the time. Now, with less commute time between home and your work station, you can afford to squeeze in a little exercise. Regular activity refreshes your body and mind, and it's also good for sleep.

You can look up equipment-free exercises you can do at home and make them part of your daily schedule. If you usually have trouble falling asleep, you can workout before bed to sleep better.

Let the Light In

Being on lockdown doesn't mean you have to stay inside your house the whole time. You can go out into the yard to soak in some sun. Even if the sun isn't bright, a little time in natural light helps your body regulate sleep.

Opening the windows and blinds to let the light in helps too. As the memes say, everyone is like a house plant now, but with complicated emotions. So, get some sun, drink water, and you'll be fine.

Watch What You Eat

A healthy diet promotes good sleep. After endless weeks of cooking, it may be tempting to cop out once in a while and make a quick meal that may not be healthy. Doing that can affect your health and the quality of your sleep.

Being home all day also makes it easy to eat more than usual and drink lots of caffeine or alcohol. Take some time to plan your meals so you won't feel tempted to order fast foods or takeaways. Be careful how much alcohol and caffeine you drink as they can affect your sleep.


Lockdowns have thrown life into chaos, especially when it comes to getting a peaceful night’s sleep. While you adjust to a new world, these are the things you can do to break through the noise and enjoy sleeping again. 

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