📚7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

Besides the age of your mattress, numerous other factors should influence your decision to replace it. It's important to note that warranties cover only defects and not the comfort level, so it's wise to consider getting a new mattress before the warranty period ends.

Following are the reasons which imply it is time to buy a brand-new mattress.

1. Suffering from Back Pain

If you are waking up to body pain frequently these days, then it is your mattress, which is causing trouble. You need to change your old mattress urgently.

2. Neck Aches After You Wake Up

Don’t ignore the neck pain, get a new mattress as soon as possible. As your old mattress is very much capable of instigating serious health problems for you.

3. Change Mattress According to The Transformation of Your Body

With each passing time, our body changes, which is directly related to the durability of the mattress. Losing or gaining of your body weight is closely related to your mattress.

Even during pregnancy, there is a lot of pressure on the mattress. The way your body behaves are the indications for getting a new mattress.

4. Experiencing Stiffness in Your Body

After waking up your body is suffering from stiffness! This means while sleeping your body is not getting much-needed support from your mattress.

Chances are parts of the mattress might be wrecked or drooped, this calls for buying a new mattress.

5. Check the Comfortability of Your Mattress

It is essential that you wake up fresh in the morning. Apart from the warning signs, comfortability is also an important factor to look for while buying a new mattress.

Your new comfortable mattress can also help you to lower your stress levels.

6. Get Mattress as Per Your Lifestyle

At times, you may have to buy a new mattress because of your changed lifestyle. You might be spending a lot of time on your mattress, doing stuff like - reading or working on a laptop or maybe you just sleep a lot.

If this is how your lifestyle is, then you must buy a new mattress which is suitable to your needs.

7. Check the Condition of Mattress

While sleeping if you can feel those springs in your body. Then there is an urgent need to replace your mattress.

Also, if your mattress is making noise while you toss and turn-a clear sign for buying a new mattress.

Generally, most of the time people ignore the above-listed sings and suffer from health issues. Buy a new mattress if you are facing any of these problems. Please refer to the infographic 7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health for more information.

Author bio: Cindy has been fascinated with the art of sleep since she was a child. Her focus is now on mattresses and the health benefits from OrthoMattresses

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