📚An Understanding of Coal Boilers

What is Coal?

Given its formation period exceeds a million years, it is categorized as a non-renewable energy resource. This signifies its inevitable depletion and the impossibility of its recreation within our lifetime, or indeed, for many generations to follow.

If you read up about the process and how it all works to ensure that we are roasting toasting in our homes, then click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulverized_coal-fired_boiler  to see just how in-depth the whole process goes.

Which Coal is Used in a Coal Boiler?

When looking to generate electric power which is usually used in the power plant boilers, Bituminous coal is used. The reason being that it has a higher boiling heat value compared to sub-bituminous or lignite.

It is critical when choosing to know the different types and what they are used for, and the pros and con’s that go with each. This will ensure you get the maximum benefits.

What is Coal Used for?

Different types of coal have different uses, the most indicative uses are that of generating electricity, manufacturing of cement and as a liquid fuel.

I think I have a hand in coal making when it comes to having any baking skills. Let's just say if you threw the cookies on the fire, no-one would be the wiser from a distance. Eek is right.

What you can do though is, check out the best in the business for coal boilers, and they will help you choose the best option and get the maximum benefit from your boiler system.

History of the Boiler. 

What is a boiler essentially? Well, it is a vessel that can hold liquids or gas at high temperatures. Fluid-usually water-is heated to extreme temperatures but not necessarily the boiling point. Then the steam is released through a variety of funnels or valves to be used in different areas for heat or energy.

How did the boiler come about? Well in modern history books most researchers agree that Mr. George Babcock and Mr. Steven Wilcox were the creators of the 1st steam boiler around 1867.

3 Advantages of Using Coal.

A lot. At the moment in our economy, it is widely and readily available. There is a substantial amount available for use.

Adaptable. It can be changed into different formats so it’s adaptable for the intended use.

Helping. It can be used in lowering emissions because it is used in conjunction with renewables.

When properly handled and used correctly, coal is one of the cleanest fossil fuels in today's times. Because it is much cheaper than any gas, it is a great and stable source of energy. Plus, it’s wood from trees, and there are plenty of those around.

How to Choose an Industrial Coal Boiler.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding to purchase a boiler. The style is the first thing, which design or type is going to work for you? You are looking between a fire tube or a water tube.

A fire tube is easier to operate and a lower initial capital outlay, but have a small capacity when it comes to steam. A water tube has a higher steam efficiency, but tough to manufacture and a higher price tag.

Lastly is deciding how you are going to make the heat. Common sources include coal, biomass or gas. So much to think about, read this article on the how-to-should-I of coal boilers and ensure the right choice for the long term.


3 Main Parts of a Boiler.

1. Burner.

This is the man with the gun at the starting lineup. He gives the signal and it’s all systems go and the race begins.

2.   Combustion Chamber.

This section which is usually made out of cast iron is where the magic happens. It is where the fuel is burned at several 100 degrees.

3.    Heat Exchanger.

The Piping hot water is pushed through a series of pipes and ends up in our radiators, keeping us from turning into ice blocks.

And there you have it. Who knew a black rock could be so multi-functional?

However, if you don’t have a coal boiler, I suggest doubling up on a pair of granny’s knitted wool socks.

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