📚10 Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

Should you have been in the market for a mattress online in recent years, it’s likely that the Memory Foam Mattress is one variant you’ve frequently encountered. Originally engineered by NASA to cushion astronauts during the stresses of departing and re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, this innovation has since become widely accessible to consumers.

The first commercial use of the technology was to design supportive cushions and mattresses for use in hospitals, be it for beds, wheelchair cushions or other such surfaces where someone needs to sit or lie down for long periods of time. Noticing the great benefits of this material, it was then started to be used for making mattresses for regular use.

Now, whenever you are buying a mattress online, the majority of the options that come up are Memory Foam mattresses. This is mainly due to the superb benefits provided by the same. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of using Memory Foam Mattresses that has made them so popular

20 10 Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress 2

  1. Unparalleled Spine Support – The first and biggest advantage that you should look for, whether buying a mattress online or in a shop, is the kind of support it provides to your spine. As is known, the human spine is naturally arched and completely straight. Thus, your mattress must be such that it supports this natural alignment and not push the back in a straight line. This is quite easily achieved in a Memory Foam Mattress. 
  1. Adjustment to Body Shape – Next and equally important reason for the popularity of Memory Foam Mattresses is its ability to adjust to any body shape and retain that shape. Since the mattress is made from multiple layers of foam placed together, it easily balances the pressure exerted by different body parts as per their weight. Thus, the pressure is uniformly distributed across the mattress and not on individual parts like the shoulders or the hips that are heavier as compared to other parts. This ensures that the person sleeping on the Memory Foam Mattress gets a feeling of weightlessness, giving them a better sleep. 
  1. Relief from Back Aches – A big complaint from anyone using a mattress regularly is that of back pain, cramps and body ache. This is due to the fact that the human back is naturally in the form of an arch. A mattress made from any material does not consider this aspect. The material exerts pressure across all points in the body to keep them straight. This means extra effort for the spine to maintain its natural shape, leading to a bad posture and a back ache. The memory foam on the other hand, takes the shape of anything placed on it and adjusts accordingly. Hence, when lying on a memory foam mattress, you need not worry about maintaining the natural shape of the back or back aches. 
  1. Zero Motion Disturbance – It is a common experience where if you are sleeping with someone – partner, children or even pets, their motion throughout the night also affects your sleep. Thus, if you are sharing the bed with someone who is tossing and turning through the night, chances are even you cannot get proper sleep. On the other hand, the material of the Memory Foam Mattress ensures to absorb any such disturbance. So, even if your partner is moving a lot, you may still not feel any disturbance. This is the reason, most people looking to buy a mattress online prefer a memory foam mattress. 
  1. Allergy Prevention – The one big complaint that almost everyone having bought a mattress online has, is that of one or the other kind of allergy. Be it from dust mites, pollen or any other allergen that can happily thrive in the mattress. And this is one thing you cannot check online. The mattresses made from memory foam on the other hand are not at all conducive to such allergens. Instead, the allergens find it difficult to sustain in such an environment, making it an extremely good choice for people suffering from any form of allergy. So, now before buying your next mattress online, make sure to check the material and its allergy resistant properties. 
  1. Temperature Sensitivity – As research has proven time and again, it is extremely beneficial to sleep in an environment which is slightly cooler than your body temperature. This helps in complete relaxation and is one of the biggest reason, why cotton is still popular as a filling material for mattresses. However, with its cellular structure, Memory Foam is a strong competitor for cotton, providing exceedingly well in terms of air circulation and keeping you cool through the night. Hence, Memory Foam mattresses are preferred, especially in hotter regions. 
  1. Supporting all sleeping positions – No two people like to sleep in the same position. Some prefer sleeping on their back, while others like to lie on their stomach and still others prefer sleeping on their sides. Whatever is the sleeping position you personally prefer, you need to ensure one thing, the natural arch of your back remains that way, without putting undue pressure on your other body parts like shoulders. Some mattresses lend well to people lying on their stomach or back, while some others are better suited for those sleeping on their sides. However, the memory foam mattresses are a good fit for anyone and everyone, whatever be your preferred sleeping position. 
  1. Hassle Free Maintenance – If you buy a mattress with so many features, the obvious question in your mind would be, how much time do I need to spend to maintain this mattress. Any mattress with such superb features must need extra precautions and special care, right? Wrong! The memory foam mattresses are one of the most easily maintainable mattresses, needing no special care. They are extremely easy to clean and ensure hygiene, apart from the above listed benefits. How is that for buying a mattress online? 
  1. Longevity and Durability – This is an extremely important criteria, when buying a mattress. After all, you do not want to spend so much on a mattress, just to replace it every few years. Thus, it is advisable to go for a memory foam one. These typically have a lifetime longer than a decade and most of the manufacturers selling their mattress online, offer a guarantee of more than or at least equal to 10 years. This is much better than the longevity of the mattresses made from natural fibres like cotton and providing the same benefits. 
  1. Deeper and Quality Sleep – Online or not, the whole purpose of buying a mattress is to get a quality sleep and deep relaxation whenever you sleep. The last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not you will wake up having your allergy triggered or worse having a really bad back ache that can last for days. Thus, deep sleep and the rejuvenation that you get from it is what matters the most when buying a mattress online. This is one area, the memory foam mattresses score much higher than any other of their competitors available in the market. And that is why increasingly more and more people prefer these.
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