📚The Health Benefits of An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are known for their use in hospitals and care facilities, however, in recent years they have become a very popular option for our bedrooms. Electric beds are renowned for their comfort benefits and their adjustable settings. Alongside great comfortability, there are more significant and important health benefits to reaped from an adjustable bed. In this article, we will look into the main benefits to your health from using an adjustable bed or mattress. So, whether you currently have health problems or not, you can take advantage of the excellent effects on your health.

Relieving Chronic Pain

Many people in the UK suffer with chronic pain related to arthritis, sciatica and other issues. This can make it much harder for you to get a good night's sleep, as aches and pains will be present in the night and will have you feeling less mobile in the morning. An adjustable bed can help relieve your chronic pain allowing you to sleep better and more comfortably. You will be able to choose your preferred sleeping position to take the pressure off any aching joints. This will make your night more peaceful and lead to improved mobility in the morning. 

Improved Circulation

Those who suffer with circulation problems could benefit greatly with an adjustable bed. It can be difficult to sleep on a traditional mattress as it lacks the pressure and support needed to aid blood circulation. An electric bed allows you to raise your legs, so they are above heart level while you rest, to alleviate stress on your body. With an adjustable mattress, you will witness much better support than a traditional mattress. You can further benefit by setting up your bed to reduce your blood pressure, this will enhance blood and oxygen flow to help with circulatory issues. Maintaining the body’s circulatory system in its prime condition throughout the night will allow you to have a better quality of sleep.

Easing Back Pain

Alleviating back pain is considered one of the main health benefits of an adjustable bed. Regular and traditional mattresses may not give you the support you need to remain comfortable throughout the night. So, for those suffering with back problems, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. An adjustable bed allows you to adjust your mattress so it can contour to the shape of your body. This will help to ease your pain and will also be beneficial in improving conditions such as sciatica. Adjusting the mattress at both the head and feet will give your spine the support it needs by reducing the pressure on the sciatic nerve. This can, therefore, ease any back pain you may feel through the night.

Alleviates Snoring and Sleep Apnea

For those that find themselves snoring or suffering from sleep apnea, your breathing while sleeping can be significantly improved with the use of an adjustable bed. Snoring is caused by the windpipe closing and resulting in the air giving off noise as it passes through. By adjusting your bed so it is upright your windpipe will remain open to reduce snoring. This allows air to pass through your airways without encountering any physical obstructions or blockages, this will prevent sleep apnea from occurring. From this, the quality of your sleep will improve by enhancing your breathing throughout the night. 

Eases Insomnia

Insomnia is a problem that many people suffer with across the UK. This can be caused by pain and anxiety that can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep. With an adjustable bed, you can take advantage of the different positions you can adjust your bed to. You can therefore find the ideal position for optimal comfort to allow you to get to sleep easier. When you have achieved the perfect sleeping position the circulation of blood and oxygen can improve which will allow you to fall asleep quicker at night.

Reduces swelling in the legs

Swollen legs are a common problem that leads to people struggling to sleep at night. On a traditional bed, you will be lying flat which allows fluids to pool which can lead to increased swelling and inflammation. This will result in a more painful and uncomfortable sleep. However, with an adjustable bed, you can easily elevate your legs to a comfortable position that will enable your swelling to be reduced. By raising your legs during your sleep swelling and its effects on you will be decreased, this will also prevent other issues like varicose veins. In result to this your sleep quality will increase due to the pain relief.

Now you know the main health benefits that an adjustable bed will bring to you and how it could improve your sleep. Look into purchasing an electric bed in future to enhance your health and sleep quality.

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