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๐Ÿ“š6 Tips to Get Better Skin While you Sleep

For great skin, good sleep habits can be your strongest beauty tool.

This can include things that you do before hitting the hay, the types of sheets and pillowcases you choose, and even the time that you go to bed.

Read on for 6 tips to maximize your beauty sleep for a restful and beautifying night.

1. Set your sleep schedule wisely

The deepest repair mechanisms for your skin kick in between 9 pm and 12 am at night. And, a lot of this repair power comes from the potent antioxidant, Melatonin, being naturally ramped up during this time period.However, if during the time that Melatonin is trying to release, you are out and about in bright places, or staring at a T.V. screen, your Melatonin will be degraded from the light coming in through your retina.

Not everyone wants to hop in bed at 9 pm, but you should be aiming for a bedtime in this range to give your skin a beauty leg-up.

Canโ€™t do the early sleep schedule? At least dim the lights, apply a blue light filter to your electronics, or wear blue light blocking glasses to help keep that Melatonin around.

2. Choose silk or satin sheets and pillowcases

It sounds silly to say that choosing a certain pillowcase and bedding material can help your skin, but going with silk or satin can actually make a noticeable difference over time.

When you lay your face on a pillow and start tossing and turning during the night, this can end up folding your skin into awkward and creased positions with most materials.

After years of the same creases happening, this can lead to fine lines and wrinkles in the same spots.

Silky materials can help combat this nighttime creasing by allowing the skin to gently slide through if there is tension placed on it, leading to fewer creases and wrinkles long term.

3. Use your retinoids before bed

Retinoid medications like prescription Tretinoin creams can give you much better results when used just before bed.These medications can be degraded by UV light (in addition to making you more prone to sunburns).

So, choosing a nightly application can help you get all of the anti-aging, brightening, increased skin turnover, and acne busting benefits of your retinoid medication.

4. Drink lots of water at night

When you go to sleep, even though it feels like the blink of an eye, it means 6-8 hours of your skin and body losing water. So, if you start your sleep already dehydrated, this is bad news for your skin in the morning.

Even if it may mean a few late-night bathroom trips, be sure to really hydrate at night considering that you need to stay hydrated until the morning.

Wake up in the middle of the night thirsty? Keep some water next to your bad for a few sips before getting back to sleep.

5. Elevate a bit more

If your morning skin issues center around puffy morning eyes, you could be having issues with fluid pooling underneath your delicate eye skin during the night.

Make gravity your friend, and grab an extra pillow so that you are sleeping with your head a little more elevated than usual.

This incline will help any extra fluid to drain out of your face and help prevent AM eye puff.

6. Wash your face every night

Washing your face every night is a must for glowing skin and optimal regeneration while you are sleeping.The more make-up, oil, sweat, and grime caked on your face while you sleep, the less improvements your natural skin processes can achieve.

Even if you didnโ€™t wear make-up that day and skipped the gym, pollutants, dirt, oil, and bacteria build-up will still be present -- so there are no excuses.

Is this a struggle on busy days? Invest in a pack of facial cleansing wipes that you can keep on your bedside table for a quick and easy cleansing.

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