Are Body Pillows Good for Pregnancy?

Are Body Pillows Good for Pregnancy?They are designed to provide you with a much greater amount of support while you sleep, but are body pillows good for pregnancy? It can be a miserable experience if you are unable to get a good night’s sleep and, while most parents will expect interruptions once their newborn have joined the household, it can be a surprise when they find that sleeping become increasingly difficult as the due date approaches. In this article we will be looking at the benefits of body pillows, and how they can help.

What are Body Pillows?

Body pillows are mattress-sized pillows that can be up to six feet long. They are made in the same way as normal pillows, and provide support and pressure relief to your entire body. They can transform an uncomfortable mattress or simply be an addition to an already comfortable bed. Usually made from cotton, wool, or shredded latex they are firm, but give you the cushioning you need to feel relaxed.

These pillows are ideal for anyone who is looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep, and are particularly helpful for those with back pains, sore muscles, or people who simply find it difficult to get in a good position.

How Do Body Pillows Work?

By providing support in one long pillow, you are able to wrap it around you so it fits within the natural gaps between you and your mattress and provide support. The pillows contour against your body and give you a firm resistance, while cushioning you in all the important places. Instead of resorting to continually moving those five normal pillows around your bed to find a good position, a body pillow will mold to however you need it.

They are good for people who sleep in any orientation, but particularly for side sleepers. Without cushioning between the legs, one leg gets placed over the other, which leads to your spine twisting, shoulder collapsing, and problems with your neck. The body pillow completely prevents this from happening and allows you to wake up feeling great and not cramped.

The materials they are made from are often breathable, so you are kept at a good temperature, and you can get versions that are hypoallergenic, so getting a body pillow is fine for people who have allergies.

Who are Body Pillows For?

Body pillows are designed to help people get into a more comfortable sleeping position, so they are suitable for use by anybody. The extra support you get while using one means that they are often recommended for people who are pregnant, have back pain, wake up with aches, need to improve circulation, and need to improve their posture while sleeping. They can even help prevent snoring by preventing you from falling over onto your back.

Do Body Pillows Help During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy, in particular, can throw up a series of challenges when the mother is trying to get to sleep. Whether it be as a result of overheating, restless feet and legs, not being able to find a good position, or the difficulty to adapt to your new body shape and the way it fits with your bedding, it can become virtually impossible to find a relaxing posture and drift off. Luckily, body pillows can help with a lot of these problems.

You can get ones that are made from breathable materials and help with temperature moderation, and ones that offer moisture wicking so you feel cool and refreshed at night. The best thing about using a body pillow during pregnancy, though, is that you will be able to sleep in any position (on your front, back, or side) and feel fully supported.

Side sleeping in particular can be difficult because there will be gaps between you and your mattress, but you will be able to use the body pillow to support your bump, your neck, and your legs. This stops your muscles and skeleton from having to tense to keep you in position, and reduces the stress and chances of waking up with aches and pains.

What Types of Body Pillow are Available?

As with normal pillows, there is a wide range of body pillows to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, made from varying materials, and aim to provide different levels of support depending on what your particular requirements are.

The Final Word

Pregnancy can cause a series of discomforts that make it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. With extra pressures being put on your body, it’s important to have assistance while you are lying down so your muscles and skeleton aren’t taking up the slack. So are body pillows good for pregnancy? Yes, they are; they contour to your curves and you get the support in the places you need it.