Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers: 5 Options That Will Change Your Life, Seriously

Finding the right mattress topper will make a huge difference to your life. It can mean the difference between irregular and difficult sleep, and a coma-like hibernation.  If you suffer from soreness and aches, the right mattress topper will make you feel reborn every morning.  There is a huge diversity in types available which is why we have found specifically the best mattress topper for side sleepers. Not all toppers are create equal, but we have found the top 5 mattress toppers for any side sleeper.

Our Favorite

(In case you don't have time to read the reviews)

Sleep Innovations 4 Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Excellent temperature regulation

2 layers provide the perfect combination of support and comfort

10 year limited warranty

How The Next Best Compare

Best Price Mattress 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • 2 layers for best support
  • Isolates motion
  • 5 year warranty


Lucid 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • Ventilated design
  • Resists all nasty allergens 
  • 3 year warranty


Dream DNA Gel Infused 4 Inch Thick Memory Foam Mattress Bed Topper

  • Gel infused foam
  • Excellent customer service
  • Made in the USA


Down Alternative + Gel-Infused Memory Foam Topper

  • 2 layers for best support
  • 250 TC cotton 
  • 3 year warranty


Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers Reviews

Top Pick: Sleep Innovations 4 Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

The Details

  • ​2 layers: 1 x gel infused memory foam 2 inch layer, 1 x plush down alternative 2 inch layer
  • 300 thread count, 100 per cent cotton cover
  • 3 pound density memory foam layer
  • Memory foam is 100 per cent hypoallergenic
  • 10 year limited warranty

Our Review

This our pick for the best mattress topper for side sleepers. It is hugely popular and it's not hard to see why. The use of its two layered design gives you the best combination of support and comfort.

The bottom 2 inch gel infused memory foam layer is of 3 pound density which is medium in firmness. This allows your body to receive the proper therapeutic support it needs for your spine to stay in neutral alignment. It does this by absorbing the pressure from your hip and shoulder as you sleep on your side.

Many memory foam toppers tend to get warm during the night due to low porosity and poor aeration. However this gel infused memory foam provides a cooling effect so that you don't over heat while you sleep.

The top layer is a plush down alternative which gives you the softness and comfort of goose feathers without the nasty allergens. Many customers love this layer as it gives the topper a cloud like feel and reduces sinking into memory foam which some people don't like.

Not only does the down alternative layer avoid allergic reactions, the memory foam is 100 per cent hypoallergenic which means it completely repels all allergens. This makes this a perfect mattress topper for anyone who suffers from allergies. You can also sleep easy knowing that there are no nasty dust mites crawling around you​.

When unpacking this mattress topper for side sleepers, its important that you allow it to aerate before use. This will decompress it, and also give the odor some time to dissipate. This new odor is normal with all new mattress toppers and usually goes away after around 2-3 days.​

Best Price Mattress 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Details

  • ​1.5 inch memory foam on top of a 2.5 inch high density foam layer
  • Motion is isolated so your partner is not disrupted by your movement
  • 5 year warranty

Our Review

This Best Price mattress topper is a close runner up for the best bed topper for side sleepers. Using two layers of different density foam, it gives you both support and comfort. 

Many memory foam toppers use only one density foam which suits some people. However these toppers tend to give the feeling of being stuck in the topper. By using a bottom layer of high density foam, the body does not sink completely into the topper. Instead it sinks to the interface between the two different layers and sits on top of the high density layer. This not only gives you excellent support, it is usually found to be more comfortable. 

Lucid 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Details

  • ​4 inch premium memory foam
  • Uses ventilated design to promote air flow and reduce temperature
  • Resists dust mites and allergens
  • 3 year warranty

Our Review

This is another much loved product with some finding it to be the best memory foam mattress topper for side sleepers. Being 4 inches thick it effectively relieves your pressure points and provides excellent support to your spine. 

Supremely comfortable, it has the added value of using a ventilated design. This allows more air to flow through the memory foam, which means the temperature is more properly regulated. This is unlike many memory foam toppers which heat up during the night and can become quite uncomfortable. 

​Being 100 per cent hypoallergenic it resists all dust mites and allergens making it great for anyone who has allergies. As with all memory foam toppers, when it is first unpackaged it will appear lumpy and compressed and will have a fairly strong odor. You need to let it aerate for a couple days to let it settle into the correct shape and to allow the odor to dissipate. 

Dream DNA Gel Infused 4 Inch Thick Memory Foam Mattress Bed Topper

The Details

  • ​4 inch thick gel infused memory foam
  • Made in the USA

Our Review

Another best mattress topper for side sleepers, this gel infused memory foam product is made in the USA. Probably the best feature of this topper is the company itself.

Often a risk with buying online is that you will have a problem with the product and don't know where to turn to. However with this product many customers have reported excellent communication with the company. They appear to be fully receptive and willing to go the extra yard to making sure you are happy.

The topper itself is of excellent quality and gives you the support you need as a side sleeper to sleep comfortably without causing harm to the body. Not only supportive, customers have reported it to be very comfortable as well.

While some memory foam mattress toppers are able to dissipate the odor once unpackaged within a couple days, this product appears to take a little longer in some cases. Not always the case, but some customers needed to aerate it for up to 10 days for the odor to completely go away.

Lucid 4 Inch Down Alternative + Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Details

  • ​Two layers: 1 x 2 inch gel infused memory foam, and 1 x 2 inch down alternative layer
  • 250 thread cotton cover is machine washable and can be tumble dried
  • 3 year warranty

Our Review

This is another great alternative for those wanting the support of a memory foam topper with the added comfort of a down alternative top layer. The memory foam gives the support you need as a side sleeper, relieving the pressure of your hip and shoulder, thereby keeping your spine neutrally positioned. 

The top down alternative layer is very soft and provides plush comfort. This product is much enjoyed by the customers, who have often commented on the excellent comfort it provides.

As with all mattress toppers, it will come in a sealed package. You need to allow the topper to expand for a couple of days before you use it. This will also give the odor time to dissipate.​

What Does A Mattress Topper Do?

A mattress topper is essentially a thin mattress which you can place on top of an existing mattress. They are often used to extend a mattress' life, as placing one on top of an old mattress will make it feel like new again. Even if the mattress is sagging in the middle, the right mattress topper will often make this unnoticeable. 

​Often people will find that their mattress no longer suits them in terms of comfort. Perhaps it is too firm, or too soft. Either way, by placing a mattress topper on top you can completely change the feel of your sleeping surface. 

A popular reason to purchase a mattress topper is to relieve the pain from those who suffer from any kind of back, shoulder or neck pain. ​

Best Type of Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper you want a mattress topper that is at least 4 inches thick. The reason being, this gives the topper more opportunity to absorb the pressure placed by your hip and shoulder.

To have the best sleep and to prevent back problems, you should sleep in a position that allows for your spine to be in a relaxed, neutral and supported position. If the mattress topper is not thick enough, it will not be able to accommodate your hip and shoulder and will therefore force your spine out of neutral alignment. 

The best types of mattress toppers for side sleepers are memory foam, or a combination of memory foam and a softer more plush top layer.​ Memory foam molds to the shape if you body which means it absorbs the pressure from the points of contact like the hip and shoulder. This provides the support your spine needs. Having a top layer of a softer material allows you to get some extra comfort while still benefiting from the support of the bottom memory foam layer. 

​Is a Mattress Topper Worth it?

​Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to keep healthy and feel refreshed, but all too often it can be tricky to get the best rest possible because your bed doesn’t provide the comfort and support you need.

​If this is the case, then there are two options open to you; either buy a new mattress, which can cost a lot, or get a mattress topper, which adds extra cushioning and support in conjunction with your existing mattress.

​Toppers won’t solve problems being caused by an extremely worn mattress, so if this is the problem you will need to buy a completely new one. If you simply need a bit more firmness, though, then a mattress topper could be perfect for you.

​They are available in a range of thicknesses and materials, so you can choose one that targets your particular needs, and come at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress. Toppers can add support to a mattress that is too soft, or add extra softness to a mattress that is too firm without affecting the overall support that is provided.

​It depends on the exact problem you are facing, but when used as intended, mattress toppers can make all the difference.

Final Word On The Best Mattress Toppers For Side Sleepers

Are mattress toppers worth it? Absolutely yes! For a fraction of the cost of a new mattress you can completely change the feel of your bed. They come in all types of shapes, thicknesses and materials so everyone can find the perfect topper for them. With the best mattress topper for side sleepers, you will sleep like a baby.