📚The Anxiety Cycle of Sleep Deprivation

Experiencing a lack of sleep could arguably be the most awful sensation one can endure while trying to tackle the challenge of a new day. It leaves you feeling drained, weary, and essentially unwell, and chances are, your appearance probably doesn’t look its greatest either.

The combination of both of these are a double knock out for anyone’s confidence, job production, and mental capacity to do anything that requires some cognitive or physical strength.

Do I Create the Anxiety or Does the Anxiety Create Me

The most interesting concept of insomnia or people that have sufficient sleep deprivation is the cycle of the beast. When thinking about loss of sleep, if one has trouble sleeping then one would think that they would be very tired and fall asleep like sleeping beauty the following night.

However, this is not always the case and most people that have trouble sleeping will tell you that their loss of sleep is secondary to the anxiety of worrying.

So, specifically the actual sleep loss creates more anxiety and your own worrying about losing sleep, without any outside cause, is enabling the sleep deprivation.

Ways to Approach Anxiety and Sleep Loss

One of the best if not the best way to treat anxiety related to sleep loss is to create a bedtime routine and stick with it at all costs. This also goes for making sure that you associate your bed with only sleeping and sex.

In Anxiety related to sleeping, the person has created a negative learned behavior in regards to their bed and not sleeping. If every night you climb into bed and cannot shut off your brain before bedtime; then of course the following nights you will have anxiety about your bed and sleeping.

In order to help, you need to make your room and bed a sanctuary of peace so when you get into bed you feel relaxed and very secure.

Creating a Peaceful Environment to Sleep

  • Use Natural Herbs and Aromas for Sleep
  • Have a notepad on bedside table to write down thoughts
  • Use a white noise machine or louder fan to drown out noises
  • Have plants in the room for good air quality and positive thinking
  • Make your Bed every Morning and clean sheets regularly
  • Use the bed for sleeping and sex
  • Daily going to sleep routine with no electronics
  • Timer or alarm to tell you when to start preparing for sleep

Coping with Anxiety in Life

There are 2 main problems we have today which creates a lot of anxiety. One, we are always tuned in with electronics and also social media allows us to always compare our lives to others.

What we see is on the outside and we tend to beat ourselves up and compare our lives to others. Which is simply not healthy or a fair thing to do to ourselves.

Dealing with anxiety is a lifestyle change and has to be done slow and organic. Taking prescription drugs work very well in the short term but just as the website Corpina states, drugs like Xanax, which are Benzodiazepines, “ can also proliferate with long-term use.“

Taking the time for yourself and attempting to understand your thoughts and how things affect you will go a long way. Also allocating a routine time to simply just breathe once or twice a day no matter what happens in your day, can be life changing.


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