📚How to improve your sleeping experience if you’re a heavy person

Every person is entitled to quality sleep, no matter their stature or body type. Individuals who are heavier may encounter specific challenges related to sleeping. The additional weight can lead to various issues that could disrupt a good night’s rest.

Presently, more than 65% of Americans are overweight or obese. Many of these people may be looking for ways to improve their sleep.

If you are a heavy person and you have not been sleeping well or you want to improve your sleeping experience, you are going to find this guide useful.

Before we dive right into some tips that can help improve your sleeping experience, we are first going to be looking at some sleeping problems that heavy people have to deal with.

Sleeping problems heavy people face

Restless legs

Restless leg is a condition that creates discomfort when the legs are still or in a particular position for a while. Individuals with this condition can only find relief when they move their legs. Research suggests that the dopamine that is released from the brain of heavy or obese people is somehow linked to this condition.

Breathing problems

Obesity has often been linked to a handful of breathing and respiratory problems that can impede sleep. For some, excess fat may lead to snoring, while for others it may lead to sleep apnea.

Best sleeping tips for heavy people

Take a shower before going to bed

Taking a shower before going to bed is another excellent way to improve your sleeping experience. Numerous studies have shown that taking a hot bath an hour before bed can dramatically improve sleep quality.

Don’t eat late

Eating late can negatively affect your sleep quality and your metabolism. Try to eat at least four hours before your bedtime. Try to resist the temptation to snack on junk food or drink alcohol before going to bed, drink water instead.

Upgrade your bedroom

Do you know that your bedroom environment can affect your sleep quality? This means that if your bedroom is not in a good condition, you are not going to sleep well. Making your bedroom environment more conducive may require you changing your lights and furniture. Your goal should be to make your bedroom a quiet and comfortable place.

Get a good mattress

If you are really serious about improving your sleeping experience, then you should purchase a high-quality mattress for heavy person. Getting a mattress that can support your weight will go a long way in improving your sleeping experience.  Before buying any mattress ensure that it is firm and more than 12 inches thick. Of course, finding a good mattress that will be able to support your weight may be difficult, but if you do your research you will be able to find a good one that will suit your needs.

Create a pre-sleep routine

Engage in activities that help you relax before sleeping. There are a lot of relaxation techniques that effectively improve sleep quality and treat insomnia. Simple activities like reading an interesting book, taking a hot shower or listening to a relaxing music can help ease your tension and improve your sleep. Keep in mind that all of them may not work for you. So, try out each of them and find the one that works best for you.

Your bedroom temperature

Your bedroom temperature and your body temperature can have a profound effect on your sleep quality.  Getting a good night sleep when a room is too warm may be difficult or even impossible. One study that was conducted not too long ago shows that bedroom temperature affects sleep quality more than noise.

The temperature of your bedroom should be around 20°C. If you are not comfortable at that temperature, feel free to adjust it.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol before going to bed can have a negative impact on your sleep quality as well as your hormones. Alcohol is known to increase snoring, sleep apnea and alter the affect melatonin production.

Melatonin supplement

This could be your last resort.  Melatonin is an important sleep hormone that sends signals to the brain when it is time to sleep or relax.

Taking a melatonin supplement will not only help you fall asleep quicker but will also improve your sleep quality.

So, if you find it difficult to fall asleep, then you should give it a try. Do well to consult your doctor or health care professional before using it.

Don’t take too much caffeine at night

Caffeine is consumed by more than 90% of people in the US because it has a lot of benefits. It can help you focus, improve your performance and boost your energy levels. But, when it is consumed at night or late in the day, it will stimulate your nervous system and prevent your body from relaxing.

Avoid long daytime naps

While short naps have a lot of wonderful benefits, long naps during the day can affect your sleep negatively.


If you are struggling with the many discomforts associated with obesity, it is important that you make drastic lifestyle changes. Restful sleep will not only improve your general health but also help you lose weight faster and improve your brain function. Getting a good mattress, upgrading your bedroom and avoiding alcohol are just a handful of things you can do to improve your sleeping experience. If you find it very difficult to sleep well at night, then you should consult a doctor or a healthcare specialist.

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