📚Bamboo Duvet Covers Buying Guide

Bamboo duvets are durable and light bedding products, frequently mistaken for bamboo comforters. Though they share similarities, comforters typically resemble heavier blankets.

Bamboo Duvets attract a lot of interest because they have thermal insulation capabilities. They will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If that isn’t enough to secure your interest, duvets are also hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

Simply put, they serve a multitude of purposes in all seasons of the year. To be fair, bamboo loses to silk in the looks department. The best silk items have a breathtaking sheen to them, the kind that you can’t help but show off to other people.

That being said, silk takes too much time, money and effort to maintain, and this is where bamboo duvets shine. You can throw them in the machine without concern. They will survive the washing process.

That being said, you are still encouraged to limit the frequency with which you wash your bamboo duvets. Make sure you keep your duvet in a cover. This is the only way you will keep it from getting dirty.

That, in turn, will reduce the frequency with which you have to wash it. If you need to select a bamboo cover for your duvet, keep these considerations in mind:

1). The Material

It isn’t enough to simply buy a bamboo duvet cover. You need to also determine the type of bamboo from which the cover is made. Bamboo rayon is not the same as Bamboo viscose. More importantly, some covers are made from pure bamboo whilst others are blended with materials like polyester.

Do not presume that a cover is of the highest quality simply because it has the ‘bamboo’ label. Make sure you approve of the bamboo from which it is made. Some forms of bamboo are softer, plushier, smoother and more breathable than others. To get best quality bamboo duvet covers click here.

2). The Thread Count

The thread count of any given fabric refers to the number of threads in a square inch. This unit of measurement affects the weight of the duvet cover. It also impacts the durability and softness.

A higher thread count normally translates into a softer duvet cover with a more durable build. However, a higher thread count also translates into a heavier duvet cover.

3). The Design

The appearance of a duvet cover won’t affect its ability to keep you warm. But a duvet cover is also the first thing you see when you enter a bedroom. So, naturally, it is in your best interests to secure a cover that is actually appealing to look at.

Bamboo duvet covers are known for their natural colors. But you can get quite a few of them in exotic prints and styles.

Find a cover whose physical appearance matches the décor of your bedroom.

4). The Money

Everything always comes down to money. Bamboo products are popular because they are stronger than silk in most categories whilst also being cheaper. That being said, the softest bamboo duvet covers with the most beautiful designs are also the most expensive.

So you need to think about the financial cost of a duvet cover and whether it is worth the features the product offers. 

Do not prioritize money. The cheapest duvet covers are also the ugliest and least durable. And you will spend more money in the long run because you will have no choice but to replace them.

Find a duvet cover which offers you the best features at the most appropriate price.

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