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📚How To Effectively Combine Work, Rest And Study

How To Effectively Combine Work Rest And Study

Studying on its own is tiring and stressful. The fact that you have to work while you study makes an already bad situation worse. If you cannot find time to rest, you will suffer from physical and mental fatigue, a situation that is likely to get complex, leading to long term issues. provides professional […]

📚Sleep Science: Most Common Misconceptions

Sleep Science Most Common Misconceptions

Misunderstanding Sleep America in 2019 is a place where the perceived importance of sleep varies vastly depending on the group with which you discuss it. To most teenagers, the 12-hour-sleep is the holy grail of the weekend agenda; to young entrepreneurs and students, however, sleep is a near-fictitious entity, who is only summoned in response […]

📚CBD and Dog Anxiety

CBD and Dog Anxiety

Fear is normal but sometimes the response to fear will result to extreme levels. Extreme fear and anxiety can lead to unhealthy and dangerous behaviors within dogs. Fear is an instinct of apprehension due to a person, situation, or object that presents a real or perceived threat. The nervous system would respond to this threat and […]

📚What Do Anxiety, Depression, Pain and Sensory Defensiveness All Have in Common ?

What Do Anxiety, Depression, Pain and Sensory Defensiveness All Have in Common

Even though we know that our physical health is inextricably linked with our mental well being, the effects of our mental state on our physical bodies might not be immediately apparent, and thus misunderstood by many people. It is with such a misunderstanding that there was no collaboration between physical doctors and mental health professionals […]

📚Top Tricks to stay cool at night without AC

Top Tricks to stay cool at night without AC

Is there anything worse than being sleeping too hot? Maybe, but Feeling extremely warm in bed is much uncomfortable, and no one wishes to feel like they’re fighting with sweaty sheets when climate changes. It does not only heat uncomfortable, but it’s too awful for your sleep. After in-deep Research, it has been shown that […] Protection Status

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