📚Do You Sleep Naked? You Should

Do You Sleep Naked You ShouldEveryone has their own unique bedtime rituals, ranging from the position in which they sleep to their preference for darkness or light, enjoying background noise like a radio, or the specific bedding they choose. However, one significant factor that can greatly influence your sleep quality is your choice of nighttime attire.

While most people wear pajamas or underwear, an estimated 8 percent of Americans sleep naked. It turns out they may be onto more than just personal preference, as there are a series of proven benefits to sleeping without any clothes. In this article we will be looking at these benefits and, therefore, the reasons why you should consider sleeping like this yourself.

Important Conditions for Sleep

Sleeping is a crucial part of our day when our body shuts down to allow it to heal itself and prepare for the day ahead. Everyone has their own particular preferences when it comes to the ideal environment to sleep well, but there are certain factors that affect all of us.

The first is comfort, which mainly comes from how supportive your mattress and pillows are. Temperature is also crucial, and is linked with the ability of certain chemicals in your body to function properly. Surprisingly the clothes you wear at night (or more specifically the ones you don’t wear) can help with these, and more.

Sleeping Naked: The Benefits

Temperature Regulation

Sleeping naked improves your ability to maintain a healthy temperature by not having material close to your skin that retains the natural heat generated during the night. Ideally you should be sleeping in an environment that is less than 70°F (21°C).

This means you won’t sweat more than necessary, and the anti-aging hormones and melatonin that are released into your bloodstream will work far more effectively. Yes, that’s right- sleeping naked can actually help to slow down the aging process!


This is, again, linked to the lower body temperature that you will have as a result of sleeping without any clothes. This has the effect of activating what is known as “brown fat”. This is a type of fat that helps to keep you warm by producing heat.

Numerous studies have shown that people with higher levels of activated brown fat have much higher metabolic rates and far more effective control over the levels of sugar in the bloodstream.

Blood Flow

Clothing restricts your blood flow unless it is so loose that you may as well not be wearing it in the first place. When you are asleep, the main purpose is the recovery of your body and activity in your brain, each of which require large amounts of oxygen. With increased and more efficient circulation comes a better provision of oxygen, so all these processes are far more effective.

Improve Health

There are two main health benefits that come from sleeping naked. The first is that it is great for your skin. Without being covered with material it is exposed to more consistent airflow and is able to breath better.

This is particularly helpful with case of acne or dry skin. The other benefit you get from increased airflow is the reduction of warm, moist areas where bacteria can thrive. This helps minimize the chances of yeast infections from developing.

Healthier Sperm

Testicles are designed to keep the sperm where the temperature is most beneficial to their production and health, but wearing clothes (in particular underwear) interferes with this process. At night, though, there’s not the same need to keep covered up, so you can let them hang free and, as a result, improve the health and quality of your sperm.


Perhaps surprisingly is that your hormones are affected when sleeping naked. Instead of being inhibited when wearing clothes, levels of human growth hormone (which is needed for the body to heal) have been shown to be higher in people who sleep naked than those who don’t.

Naked sleeping also improves the regulation of cortisol in the body, which is vital for controlling things like immunity, appetite, sleep patterns, libido, and many more instinctual behaviors.

Daily Routine

If you sleep naked, you are more likely to get dressed as soon as you wake up as opposed to spending half of the day still wearing your pajamas. This helps you to wake up quicker and get on with things.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right conditions to sleep in can prove to be tricky, but doing so will make all the difference. Wearing clothes while you sleep can restrict your blood flow, limit how certain hormones work in your body, and encourage the growth of bacteria, so by sleeping naked you can eliminate these problems while feeling a lot cooler, comfortable, and happier.

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